2021-2022 NFL Win Totals: Regular Season Win Totals for All 32 Teams

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2021-2022 NFL Win Totals: Regular Season Win Totals for All 32 Teams
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A new season of NFL football is upon us which means online bookmakers will be quite busy over the next several months. While a lot of bettors focus on individual matches, many of them also make NFL futures bets a part of their NFL betting strategy. One popular type of NFL futures bet is the win total bet. In other words, will a team exceed or fall short of the bookmaker’s set win total?

For instance, if your favorite team has a posted win total of 8.5, you can wager on them to win 9 or more games, or you could wager that they would win 8 or less. It’s as simple as that. So, how many games do you think your favorite team can rack up during the 2021-22 regular season?

Aside from being easy to understand, one of the best things about win totals bets is that placing one can open up other betting options further down the road. You can ride it out if things are looking good, or you can hedge it if it doesn’t look promising.

Before we get started, you need to understand that this year’s NFL schedule has an extra week on it. Teams now play 17 games instead of 16. This is just one of the many things you must factor in before you place your win totals bets.

We have looked at the NFL win total odds for all 32 teams. You can find these win totals below along with a brief synopsis of how we feel about each team’s chances of beating their posted win total. The win totals we are using as benchmarks are provided by the best sports betting sites. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

NFL Win Totals for all 32 Teams

Arizona Cardinals (O/U 8.5)

Many expected the Arizona Cardinals would make it to the playoffs in 2020 despite playing in such a tough NFC West. They barely missed the mark with an 8-8 record.

The Arizona Cardinals have not fared particularly well against division opponents over the past couple of years. They must also face the AFC South and NFC North. The Arizona Cardinals have improved, but they will fall just shy of the posted win total.

Atlanta Falcons (O/U 7.5)

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off a disappointing 4-12 campaign in which they managed just a single win against their divisional opponents. To beat the set team total, Matt Ryan and company need to do a lot better than that. They also need to capitalize against the weak NFC East. Even though they only play six teams that put up winning records last year, 8 wins is a lot to ask from the Atlanta Falcons in 2021-22.

Baltimore Ravens (O/U 11)

Unlike the above-mentioned Atlanta Falcons, the Baltimore Ravens are legitimate contenders as the regular-season win total of 11 suggests. To reach that number, Baltimore must continue to get the better of their divisional opponents as they have over the past couple of seasons.

Outside of their AFC North rivals, the Baltimore Ravens face just six teams that posted a .500 or better record in 2020. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Baltimore Ravens have a very good shot at winning 11 or more this season.

Buffalo Bills (O/U 11)

The Buffalo Bills are another team with lofty goals heading into the 2021-22 regular season. Last year’s 13-3 record and trip to the AFC Championship game was quite a feat but reaching that same level of success this year won’t be an easy task.

The Buffalo Bills have to compete with two improved division rivals in the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots. The Buffalo Bills also have dates with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Still, only 8 of their opponents posted winning records last year. Don’t expect them to have the type of winning percentage as they did last year, but an NFL win total of 11 is very doable.

Carolina Panthers (O/U 7.5)

The Carolina Panthers are looking to improve on their 5-11 regular season in 2020. By setting the 2021-22 win total at 7.5, it looks like bookmakers think they can do it. The Carolina Panthers need to start by doing a lot better against their NFC South opponents whom they have gone a dismal 1-5 in each of the past two seasons. 10 of their opponents had losing records last year and the first half of their schedule is favorable. However, the Carolina Panthers face five of those six winning teams in their final six games. The Under looks tempting.

Chicago Bears (O/U 7.5)

Under the circumstances, the Chicago Bears acquitted themselves nicely last year as their 8-8 record was just enough to get them to the Wild Card game. However, the team underwent a number of changes including the departure of embattled Mitch Trubisky. So, can Andy Dalton and this year’s version of the Chicago Bears fare any better? The bookies don’t think so.

The Chicago Bears have to take full advantage of their divisional matches against the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings. They must also deal with the entire NFC West and AFC North. Notching 8 wins is a big ask.

Cincinnati Bengals (O/U 6.5)

The challenge of winning 7 games begins with the Cincinnati Bengals’ NFC North rivals who have won 15 of the past 17 games. Outside of those teams, the Cincinnati Bengals play the NFC North and the AFC West. While there are a few winnable games on their schedule, we are quite skeptical about their chances of winning 7 games. Still, they should do a bit better than last year if they can protect Joe Burrow.

Cleveland Browns (O/U 10.5)

Last year’s 11-5 record and a trip to the divisional round was no fluke for the Cleveland Browns. This team has the horses to win the Super Bowl. They finally have their franchise quarterback, an uber-talented receiving core, a bruising ground attack, and the type of defense that nobody wants to go up against.

In addition to facing the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers twice, the Cleveland Browns will face just four opponents who were .500 or better in 2020. It starts with a Week 1 grudge road game against the Kansas City Chiefs. 11 wins is definitely within reach.

Dallas Cowboys (O/U 9)

The Dallas Cowboys had their chances last year. It makes one wonder if they could have won the NFC East if quarterback Dak Prescott played in more than 5 games. He was on pace for a career year after all. Unfortunately, the defense was atrocious and negated any chance of the Dallas Cowboys achieving greatness. Dallas hasn’t really done a lot to address that issue.

The Cowboys must perform better against their division rivals, especially the Washington Football Team which is seen as Dallas’ main competition for the division title. They also play the NFC South and AFC West. The football gods have blessed the Dallas Cowboys by pitting them against only four teams with a .500 or better record in 2020.

Denver Broncos (O/U 8.5)

The Denver Broncos are looking to bounce back from a 5-11 season in which they scored the fifth-fewest points in the league. It would have been much worse if they didn’t have such a strong defense.

The Denver Broncos won just a single divisional game and went just 2-6 at home. Nobody expects them to battle it out with the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC West title, but they’ll have to keep pace with the Los Angeles Chargers if they are to even think about a Wild Card spot. Opening the regular season with wins against the New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New York Jets would help Denver Broncos eclipse their posted NFL win total.

Detroit Lions (O/U 4.5)

This year ushers in a new era of Detroit Lions football. Matt Stafford is out and Jared Goff is in. The deck chairs may have been moved around, but the SS Detroit Lions is still a sinking ship. This NFL team looks destined to compete in this year’s Tank Bowl. And, judging by their schedule, they might not have to try too hard. The NFC West and AFC North should be able to have their way with them. The Detroit Lions would have trouble reaching 5 wins even if the schedule had 20 games on it.

Green Bay Packers (O/U 10)

On the surface, a 10-win regular season almost feels like a gimme for the Green Bay Packers. This is a team that’s gone 13-3 in back-to-back seasons en route to two straight NFC Championship games. These guy have a Super Bowl title on their minds.

As reachable as 10 games is for the Green Bay Packers, especially with an extra game to work with, it could be a struggle. Outside of their division, reigning NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers and company will face 8 teams who were .500 or better in 2020. That includes the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, and Kansas City Chiefs. They also face the NFC West. They need to get off to a fast start as the second half of the schedule is tough.

Houston Texans (O/U 4)

Yeah, it’s fair to say that the Houston Texans won’t be very good in 2021. Their NFL total wins line of 4 says a lot. It’s the lowest projected NFL win total on the board. They have shed most of their talent over the past two years and the Deshaun Watson drama adds another layer of intrigue.

Fortunately, the Houston Texans get to face the Jacksonville Jaguars twice. If they can continue dominating this division foe as they have done over the past 3 years, they’ll be halfway to that win total of 4. They also host Carolina and the New York Jets which, for Houston, will be tough. The schedule just gets harder from there.

Indianapolis Colts (O/U 9)

The Indianapolis Colts had a pretty good year last year with Philip Rivers under center. Can they repeat, or even build on that performance with Carson Wentz? The beleaguered quarterback might actually flourish behind a solid offensive line. He has some very good weapons around him and the Indianapolis Colts’ defense can give opponents fits.

A sweep of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans along with a split with the Tennessee Titans gets them halfway to the season win total. However, their first five games come against teams with winning records in 2020. Four of those five teams made the playoffs.

Jacksonville Jaguars (O/U 6.5)

Expectations are low for the reigning Tank Bowl champions. Even with Trevor Lawrence and a few other additions in the mix, the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t expected to get anywhere close to a division title let alone a playoff berth. Still, a season win total of 6.5 says that bookmakers think the Jags will be better than last year.

With the exception of games against Houston, Denver, Cincinnati, and Atlanta, it’s difficult to see where those 7 regular-season wins would come from. Lawrence would have to put on quite a show.

Kansas City Chiefs (O/U 12.5)

After two straight 12-4 seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs put up a 14-2 record in 2020 on their way to their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance. And they probably would have won their second straight Super Bowl title if it wasn’t for those darn Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So, can the Kansas City Chiefs go 13-4 or better in 2021? While they have a few tough opponents like the AFC North, Buffalo, Tennessee, and the Green Bay Packers, the bulk of their schedule comes against teams with losing records last year. NFL betting fanatics should like their chances.

Las Vegas Raiders (O/U 7)

As a whole, the Las Vegas Raiders have progressed over the past few years. But it always seems like each step forward is accompanied by taking two steps back. Vegas is looking to build on a 2020 season that saw them finish with an 8-8 record. It was good enough to place the Las Vegas Raiders second in the AFC West, but it wasn’t anywhere near good enough to get them into the postseason. The Las Vegas Raiders probably won’t be a winning team this year, but they just might have what it takes to muster 7 or 8 Ws.

Los Angeles Chargers (O/U 9.5)

Bookmakers seem to have a bit of confidence in the Los Angeles Chargers. After posting a 7-9 record in 2020, bookies have set the win total at a lofty 10.5. Many bettors that like to wager on the NFL futures bets, will be quick to jump on the Under, but hang on a second!

Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers are improved and have a favorable schedule that features matches against 12 teams with losing records in 2020. The stretch between Week 3 and Week 5 will put them to the test though.

Los Angeles Rams (O/U 10.5)

The NFC West is a tough division, but Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams are in it to win it. Provided they can continue to play winning football against their division rivals, the Rams have an excellent chance of finishing the season at 11-6 or better even though ten of their opponents played .500 or better football last year. Matt Stafford is an upgrade on a team that is already pretty good.

If the Los Angeles Rams can come out of a tough first five games with a winning record, they shouldn’t have too much trouble racking up seven or eight more wins the rest of the way.

Miami Dolphins (O/U 9.5)

They’ve only made the playoffs twice in the past two decades, but many pundits feel that Tua and the Miami Dolphins are bound for the postseason in 2021. Their 10-6 record last year wasn’t enough to propel them into the playoffs, but it served notice that they aren’t to be taken lightly.

Their posted team win total just echoes that sentiment. They need to come up big against their division rivals. Especially the Buffalo Bills who have owned the Fins in recent years. They must also battle with the NFC South and AFC South with the Baltimore Ravens thrown in there for good measure. Even with the extra game, it’s not going to be easy for the Miami Dolphins to reach that 10-win plateau this year.

Minnesota Vikings (O/U 9)

The Minnesota Vikings did well against the rest of the NFC North in 2020. Their 4-2 divisional record was highlighted by a 28-22 win over the Pack at Lambeau. However, the Vikes were only able to come up with three more wins in their other 10 games and finished well out of a playoff spot at 7-9. So, what made sports betting sites hang a season win total of 9 on them?

The Viking schedule features games against 10 teams with winning records in 2020. Matches against teams like the Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, and even the Carolina Panthers won’t be a cakewalk either. Especially with such a questionable defense.

New England Patriots (O/U 9.5)

No. The New England Patriots were not very good last year. However, NFL futures bettors must consider that some key players sat out and a steeply declining Cam Newton was under center. This year, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots welcome back some of those missing key players and they are now looking forward to the Mac Jones era. A season win total of 9.5 should tell you that this team still has plenty of fight left in it.

If they can post a winning record against the AFC East and then get the better of their AFC South and NFC South opponents, the New England Patriots’ season win total should be easy to eclipse. That’s not such a big “If”.

New Orleans Saints (O/U 9)

Drew Brees might be out of the picture, but the New Orleans Saints are still a team to be reckoned with. In fact, some believe they have a realistic chance of winning the NFC South again this year. They still have the tools to keep dominating the division foes, and they are only scheduled to play seven teams with winning records from 2020. That includes a pair against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Of course, the New Orleans Saints need Jameis Winston to prove himself as a legitimate starting quarterback. Hopefully, he learned a few things from Sean Payton and the future Hall of Fame QB he backed up last season.

New York Giants (O/U 7)

A win total of 7? How the heck are the New York Giants going to pull that off? That means NFL futures bettors who take the Over will need 8 wins to cash their tickets. So, where do those wins come from? Well, they did go 4-2 against the NFC East last year. Aside from those teams, six of Big Blue’s other eleven opponents posted winning records in 2020.

At least two things have to happen for the Giants to at least reach seven wins. First, Saquon Barkley has to stay healthy and productive. Second, Danny Dimes must be better. Of course, the mere fact that they are in the NFC East makes the New York Giants a contender for the division crown.

New York Jets (O/U 6)

Pinning their hopes on a rookie quarterback is a New York Jets tradition. After losing the Tank Bowl in a heartbreaking fashion, they had to settle with the second overall pick in the NFL draft who turned out to be Zach Wilson. The rookie looked good in preseason play. It wasn’t that he was making incredible plays, but he seems to have the ability to make smart choices and avoid costly mistakes like butt fumbling. But it’s early. We’ll see how his first season in the NFL goes.

Despite the positives, this is the New York Jets we’re talking about. They’ve been a punching bag for the AFC East and most other teams they’ve faced. Lucky for them, they only face six teams outside of the AFC East with winning records last year. Still, a 7-10 record seems out of reach. Expect the New York Jets to do better than last season, but not that much better.

Philadelphia Eagles (O/U 6.5)

Having shipped embattled quarterback Carson Wentz off to the Indianapolis Colts, the Philadelphia Eagles will now count on Jalen Hurts to lead them back to respectability. This team not only had one of the most anemic offenses in 2020, but they also gave up over 400 points finishing the season at 4-11-1 and a point differential of -84.

Philadelphia Eagles season win total bettors can’t expect to notch 7 wins if Philly can’t go at least 3-3 against NFC East opponents. They will need a miracle to get the better of the AFC West and NFC South. Their fate should be decided over the final four weeks of the season.

Pittsburgh Steelers (O/U 8.5)

Could the mighty collapse of 2020 be a sign of things to come for the Pittsburgh Steelers? If it hasn’t slammed shut already, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl window is closing. Heck, the posted season win total of 8.5 says it’s pretty much closed. But Ben Roethlisberger and his crew won’t go down without a fight.

As if their division rivals won’t give them headaches, they must also deal with the AFC West and, to a lesser extent, the NFC North. 10 teams on their schedule had winning records last year. That doesn’t leave much wiggle room for NFL futures bettors who take the Over 8.5 season win total.

San Francisco 49ers (O/U 10.5)

The San Francisco 49ers had it tough last year. Despite having such high hopes, they were cruelly and savagely ravaged by the injury bug to the point that the team was almost unrecognizable by the halfway point of the season. The San Francisco 49ers are desperate to put last year behind them and get back to challenging for a Super Bowl title.

A tough division and a schedule that features games against 10 teams with winning records in 2020 could conspire against them. Simply put, they need to win the winnable games and steal a few wins from their toughest opponents if they are to eke out 11 wins. Oh yeah, don’t forget about staying healthy.

Seattle Seahawks (O/U 10)

The Seattle Seahawks have won at least 10 games in 8 of the last 9 seasons including 11 wins in 2019 and 12 wins last year. While it’s not out of line, a win total of 10 looks a bit fishy. To get the 11 wins needed to exceed the team win total, they have to have the same type of success against the NFC West as they did last year. This is arguably still the toughest division in the NFL, so it will be challenging to say the least.

While the Seattle Seahawks face some sub-par opponents in the latter half of the NFL season schedule, the first-half of the season will test their mettle. They have little room for error. This projected wins total is pretty tight.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (O/U 12)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers enter the 2021-22 NFL season with pretty much the same squad that went 11-5 last year on their way to a Super Bowl title. They are the favorites to win the NFC and make their second straight Super Bowl appearance.

If things go according to plan, Bruce Arians should be able to do no worse than 4-2 within their division although 5-1 or a sweep isn’t out of the question. They also get to play the NFC East and the AFC East. That should be good for a few wins. Tom Brady’s return to New England in Week 4 will be entertaining.

Tennessee Titans (O/U 9)

The Tennessee Titans are one of those teams that’s always knocking on the door. After three straight 9-7 campaigns, they cranked it up a notch in 2020 posting an 11-5 record. They even kept their Wild Card game against the Ravens relatively close.

The Indianapolis Colts are expected to provide the Titans with plenty of competition in the AFC South. In fact, Indy also has a set season win total of 9. Ten of Tennessee’s games come against teams with .500 or better records in 2020. Games against the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers won’t be easy. Nine wins or better looks promising.

Washington Football Team (O/U 8.5)

So, does the Washington Football Team finish the regular season above .500 and cash the Over 8.5 win total? Well, matching or improving on their record against the NFC East in 2020 is a good start. Showing up against the AFC West and NFC South would help the cause too. That leaves Green Bay, Seattle, and Buffalo standing in the way.

The Washington Football Team could be a contender if they had a stronger offense. They need Fitzmagic to make things happen while their defense makes lives miserable for their opponents. Expect the fate of the Washington Football Team’s season and the fate of win total bets to be decided over the final five weeks.

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