College World Series Championship Prediction

College World Series Championship Prediction
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The NCAA baseball College World Series gets underway this weekend in Omaha, Nebraska. reached out to professional bookmaker John Shaw for his predictions.

Shaw is the sportsbook supervisor at the Margaritaville and Boomtown casinos in Northwest Louisiana.

Below are Shaw’s predictions, with a quick summary of each team’s highlights. The team summaries include regional and super regional results, followed by key games during the regular season.

The CWS offers game-by-game sports betting opportunities but also presents options for bettors wagering on which team will emerge as the national champion.

Opening Rounds

The opening rounds in Omaha are broken into two brackets in a double-elimination format until one team from each bracket is left. Those final two teams advance to a best-of-three national title series, starting next weekend. The winner of that series is the NCAA champion.

Friday start:

Oklahoma vs. No. 5 Texas A&M: Friday at 2 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Notre Dame vs. No. 9 Texas: Friday at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Saturday start:

Arkansas vs. No. 2 Stanford: Saturday at 2 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Ole Miss vs. No. 14 Auburn: Saturday at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

First Bracket Team Summaries

Bracket 1: No. 5 Texas A&M, No. 9 Texas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma.

Texas A&M: 3-3 record at neutral site games. Swept regional and swept No. 12 Louisville in super regional. Beat Texas, won series matchups against Ole Miss and Arkansas. Lost series to Auburn. 

Texas: 5-3 record at neutral site games. Swept regional. Beat No. 8 East Carolina on the road in super regional. Beat Tennessee. Won series versus Oklahoma. Made it to Big 12 title game before losing to Oklahoma. 

Notre Dame: 11-3 record at neutral site games. Swept Texas Tech regional. Beat nationally No. 1-ranked Tennessee in super regional. Swept by Louisville. 

Oklahoma: 13-7 record at neutral site games. Beat Florida two times in regional. Beat No. 4 Virginia Tech in super regional. Won Big 12 tournament. Beat Auburn. Lost series to Texas but beat the Longhorns in Big 12 title game. 

Prediction: Texas comes out of the bracket.

Second Bracket Summaries, Title Game 

Bracket 2: No. 2 Stanford, No. 14 Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss.

Stanford: 8-1 record at neutral site games. Won their regional and beat UConn in super regional. Won Pac 12 tournament. Beat Arkansas. Won series vs Oregon State.

Auburn: 5-2 record at neutral site games. Swept regional. Beat Oregon State on the road to win super regional. Won series versus Texas A&M. Lost to Oklahoma. Lost series matchups to Ole Miss and Arkansas.

Arkansas: 4-3 record at neutral site games. Won Stillwater regional before sweeping super regional at No. 10 North Carolina. Won series matchups against Auburn and Ole Miss. Lost to Stanford. Lost series to Texas A&M.

Ole Miss: 4-2 record at neutral site games. Swept regional and beat No. 11 Southern Mississippi in super regional, both on the road. Won series versus Auburn. Lost series matchups to Texas A&M and Arkansas.

Prediction: Ole Miss wins the bracket. 

Championship: Texas beats Ole Miss in a tightly fought three-game series, 2-1. 

CWS Odds

Here are updated odds to win the 2022 CWS, provided by FanDuel Sportsbook

Stanford +450

Texas +450

Notre Dame +550

Arkansas +550

Texas A&M +550

Auburn +700

Ole Miss +950

Oklahoma +950