Free Poker Masterclass as Galfond and Cates Reveal All

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Free Poker Masterclass as Galfond and Cates Reveal All

This week’s Twittertainment sees two of the world’s best players, Phil Galfond and Daniel Cates, demonstrate how contrasting poker strategies can be successful, even at the highest stakes. 

Galfond and Cates started battling online in early February. The latter has wanted in on the Galfond Heads-Up Challenge for a while, and he finally got his wish this year. With Galfond and Cates able to find time in their busy schedules, the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) match got underway on Feb. 2.

The two played 2,250 hands over two days and Cates raced to a $77,500 lead. The plan is to play 7,500 hands and the winner will be the player with a profit. 

Galfond has come from behind in previous challenge matches against Chance Kornuth, so, at this stage, a victory for Cates is far from a certainty. The problem, however, is that the two are now on a break and we’re not sure when the match will resume. 

Galfond vs. Cates: All Hands Revealed Part No. 1

In the interim, Galfond’s media team has put together a video compilation of the match so far. Part #1 of Galfond vs. Cates: All Hands Revealed was published this week. What’s unique about it is that you get to see hands from both players’ perspectives. 


That’s not only entertaining but informative. As you’ll see from the video below, Galfond and Cates have very different styles. These differences aren’t confined to the way they play. Galfond is more studious and measured in his calculations, while Cates appears more erratic. 

Of course, underneath both players’ demeanors are finely-tuned poker brains. Anyone who cares to listen will hear some high-level in-game analysis. That’s something @sholdanzburator noted in the Tweet. Replying to Galfond’s original post, the recreational player said the video was as much of a masterclass in PLO as 16 minutes worth of entertainment. 

Jungle is on another level when it comes to educational poker... he just knows when to bluff or when to call a bluff and make fun of it,” @sholdanzburator tweeted.

It’s Not All Fun and Games

There’s no denying the video is entertaining. The editors have done a fantastic job of stitching together the best hands and the protagonists can communicate their thoughts in charismatic ways. 

We also get from the video that, despite their different playing styles and personalities, both players have a deep understanding of poker. There are multiple instances where one player knows what the other has, but they can’t do anything about it. 

That’s how poker is played at the highest level. Getting to a point where you can make moves that an opponent can’t respond to, even if they’re 99% sure what you have, is a skill few can master. However, you can get closer to this goal just by watching Galfond vs. Cates. 

Free Poker Strategy from the Game’s Best

There are countless online poker training schools, including Galfond’s Run It Once, and some of them are very good. But based on the current feedback, Galfond vs. Cates is as good, if not better, than most of the premium content. Not only is it better, but it’s also free!

That was one of the best poker videos. On one hand you have Phil who is working almost as a solver calculating every spot in real time (like a supercomputer) + plus a good feeling when something is off. And on the other hand Jungle who seem insane like some black magic wizard, but so much fun to watch,” GregGregor wrote on YouTube. 

High-stakes poker is all the rage right now. Even a cursory glance through recent installments of Twittertainment shows the level of interest and intrigue for shows such as Hustler Casino Live. However, with Galfond and Cates, we’re getting a different perspective. 

The curtain has been peeled back and we’re seeing how elite pros approach the game. That’s compelling, and it’s the reason why we’re looking forward to Part 2 of Galfond vs. Cates: All Hands Revealed.

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