Johnnie Moreno Spreads Positive Vibes, Helps Bartender Win $41,518

Date IconLast Updated : Feb 7th, 2023
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Johnnie Moreno Spreads Positive Vibes, Helps Bartender Win $41,518

This week’s Twittertainment proves that positivity can pique the poker community’s interest just as much as negative news. 

The man spreading positive vibes was Johnnie Moreno and he did it by staking Corey Peeples in a Mid-States Poker Tour main event.  

One of the biggest stories in poker this week was the news that alleged cheat, Mike Postle, was back in action. A sighting at Beau Rivage Casino in Mississippi went viral as critics made it clear he wasn’t welcome. 

While there’s no doubt Mike Postle is this week’s main talking point, it’s not the only story that struck a chord. In a classic feel-good story that, against the odds, had a happy ending, we learned that Johnnie Moreno earned some positive karma points. 

Positive Vibes As Moreno Bankrolls Bartender

Moreno is a poker player and vlogger who goes by the nickname, Johnnie Vibes. As you’d expect, he’s always trying to embrace his moniker and spread positive vibes. He did that again this week during a trip to San Diego. 

Moreno previously lived in San Diego above a Ramen restaurant called BESHOCK before moving to Las Vegas. With great food literally on his doorstep, he used to visit BESHOCK regularly and talk poker with members of staff, including bartender Corey Peeples.

Moreno was back in San Diego this week for the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) Sycuan series and made an obligatory trip to BESHOCK. He reconnected with Peeples and, after hearing how the poker fan had become a father since they last met, Moreno decided to spread some love. 

He did that by offering to stake Peeples in the $1,100 MSPT Sycuan main event. Peeples snap-called the offer. That’s enough of a feelgood story to get people talking. However, things got even better when the bartender and poker enthusiast made it into the money. 

From $80 Tournaments to MSPT Final Table 

He didn’t just make it into the money, he finished fourth. That’s impressive, but what’s even more impressive is the fact his highest buy-in before the MSPT main event was $80. 

Moreover, he’d played less than 20 live tournaments before winning $41,518.

Peeples got to keep 50% of his prize money. Moreno’s good deed earned him $16,607 (40%), and the other bartender working when the stake deal was agreed got 10%. 

Whether or not you believe in karma, the poker gods were smiling down on Peeples and Moreno. 

Lots of Love for Moreno and Peeples

Members of the poker community were also smiling. 

Bad news often spreads faster than good news. This week’s story about Mike Postle is a good example of that. 

However, on this occasion at least, Moreno’s kind gesture has received the love it deserves. 

The fact Peeples was able to take part in a poker tournament above his bankroll because of a random act of kindness is inspiring. Finishing fourth was the icing on the cake. 

Some poker players have their faults, but, on the whole, the majority are kind, friendly, and positive. Moreno proved that this week and, for once, made good news the talk of Twitter.