NASCAR Betting: How Sportsbooks Handle Winner Disqualifications

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NASCAR Betting: How Sportsbooks Handle Winner Disqualifications
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Denny Hamlin was victorious at Pocono Sunday, cashing out a winning ticket after we picked him to win in the weekly NASCAR preview article.  

Then he was no longer the winner.  

Hamlin, second-place finisher and Joe Gibbs teammate Kyle Busch, both failed post-race inspection, meaning third-place Chase Elliott was later declared the race winner.  

“There were some issues discovered that affect aero of the vehicle,” NASCAR Cup Series managing director Brad Moran said after the race. “The part was the front fascia. There really was no reason why there was some material that was somewhere it shouldn’t have been, and that does basically come down to a DQ. It is a penalty, both for the 11 of Denny Hamlin and the 18 of Kyle Busch have been DQ'd. Their vehicles are being loaded in the NASCAR hauler. They’re going to go back to the R&D Center. 

“We can’t get into all the details of what the issues were, but both vehicles had the same issues and unfortunately they were not acceptable to pass the inspection.” 

It’s the first time NASCAR has disqualified a Cup Series winner this season after the introduction of the new NextGen car.  

But for bettors, what does it mean for those holding Hamlin tickets? And how fortunate were Elliott backers? The answer: It depends on your sportsbook.  

Here’s a breakdown of the rules for some of the major online sportsbooks. In short, if you had Hamlin, you’re most likely fine. Elliott? Not so much.  

Most Pay Out Hamlin Winners 

Most major sportsbooks do not consider post-race inspection, meaning the results are final once the cars take the checkered flag. Here’s the official statement from sportsbooks with this sort of language. 


"The podium presentation will count as the result and any subsequent inquiries will not affect the settlement of bets."


DraftKings has the most friendly ruling for the bettors. The sportsbook pays out both Hamlin and Elliott tickets.  

"All markets will be initially settled based on the unofficial results sent out by NASCAR. If, after post-race inspections are completed, there is any change in the official race result, all previous winners will stand and new winners will also be settled as won. Any subsequent inquiries/disqualifications after the official post-race inspection will not affect the settlement."


"All wagers will be settled according to the unofficial results reported immediately after the conclusion of the race by the governing organization. Any changes to the finishing order that occurs based on appeals, penalties or scoring malfunctions after the race has concluded, will not be recognized.  If a race is abandoned and no presentation position or official result is declared all bets on that race will be canceled except for bets on any markets which have been unconditionally determined."


"Bets are settled according to the publication of live timing and classification as shown on TV at the time of podium presentations, or at the end of the session/race/event (as applicable). Should the information required for the settling of the offer be missing/not shown and/or incomplete, the first official information on the official site will be deemed binding, regardless of subsequent promotions, demotions, appeals and/or penalties inflicted after the termination of the session/race which the bet refers to." 


"All race bets are settled on the official race organizers classification at the time of the podium presentation, with subsequent disqualifications disregarded."

Some Only Pay Out Elliott 

Here are the sportsbooks that consider disqualifications and wait to pay out after post-race inspection is complete. Hamlin tickets would not be graded as a winner, while Elliott bettors would win.  


“All race bets are settled on the official classification from and final inspection is required to determine the winner.” 


Caesars is somewhat vague in its rules, but I’m assuming this means only Elliott tickets would win.  

“The winner of driver matchups and race propositions will be based on the official finish order.” 

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