Robbi Jade Lew Returns as Ryan Feldman Finds No Evidence of Cheating

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Robbi Jade Lew Returns as Ryan Feldman Finds No Evidence of Cheating
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This week’s Twittertainment sees us return to the Garrett Adelstein vs. Robbi Jade Lew saga for what could be the last time. Even though the case may never be closed in some people’s minds, those investigating the now infamous J-4 hand don’t have any evidence Lew cheated. 

The latest update on Adelstein vs. Lew was made on Joe Ingram’s live stream this week. The update was provided by Ryan Feldman, co-creator of Hustler Casino Live, the show on which Lew beat Adelstein in a $269,000 pot.

He said the investigators don’t have “any evidence” that shows “anything happened.” Feldman added that he and the team are “working their asses off” to make 100% sure nothing happened. But, at this point, none of the evidence presented points to the fact Robbi Jade Lew cheated. 

Ryan Feldman Divides Opinions with Adelstein vs. Lew Update

Former poker pro and Jeopardy champion Alex Jacob has been banging the drum for Lew’s innocence over the last few weeks. He posted a clip of Feldman giving his take on the situation which, as you can expect, the tweet sparked a flurry of comments. 

As it often is in situations like this, there are opinions on both sides and Feldman’s comments don’t appear to have moved some people from their existing positions. Jacob paraphrased Feldman’s point and told his Twitter followers that, as of Oct. 18, the investigators have “absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing.”

Coach Preston (@Presto136) was one of the first people to comment, asking the simple question: “surely this is sarcasm?” Brian (@bgredmchn247) pointed out that Feldman said the investigation isn’t over so, even if he believes cheating is unlikely, we can’t close the case just yet.

Mikey Aces also wasn’t convinced, suggesting that Feldman’s answers on the podcast were “all over the place.”

On the other side of the fence, PokerProErik tweeted a sarcastic “But, but, but….maybe on Day 20.” Chanthou Sok wrote that some “pros” will probably come up with an “outlandish theory” about Feldman’s comments. 

He also said it’s a “no-win situation” for Feldman, Hustler Casino Live, and Lew.

Richard Poplis sided with team “no cheat” and called for Garrett Adelstein to give Lew the $135,000 he took from her after the hand was over. 

Robbi Jade Lew Antes Up in WPT Five Diamond Classic

While Twitter debates the Adelstein vs. Lew saga and whether there’s any evidence of cheating, one player at the center of it all has returned to the poker table. 

Lew tweeted on Wednesday that she’s making her way back to cash games and tournaments. 

Specifically, she anted up in the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The $10,400 tournament got underway on Oct. 19 and Lew joined some of the world’s finest, including Daniel Negreanu and Ethan "RampagePoker" Yau.

Lew called for people to bust her with J-4 but, in the end, it was Q-7 that sent her to the rail. The now famous amateur slipped to 10 big blinds late on Day 1 and called a blind-vs-blind all-in. Lew’s opponent hit trip queens with Q-7 and that was a wrap. 

She spoke to reporters after the elimination and said she was happy to be back playing poker. Even though she was a “little nervous,” it was OK. In fact, it must have been OK because Lew also said she was going to re-enter on Day 2 of the $10,400 WPT event. 

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