The Masked Singer 2023 Betting: Medusa Still a Mystery

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The Masked Singer 2023 Betting: Medusa Still a Mystery

The Masked Singer has aired its second week of the ninth season, and another two stars have been unmasked. 

Comedian Howie Mandel and 80s pop icon Debbie Gibson were unveiled as Rock Lobster and Night Owl, respectively, Wednesday night on the Fox show. 

Rock Lobster was unmasked halfway through the episode, leaving Night Owl to go head-to-head in a Battle Royale with Week 1 champion Medusa to see which character would progress to Week 3. 

Medusa triumphed for a second consecutive week, just as she did in the season premiere when outdoing singer Sara Evans, who was unveiled as Mustang, and legendary entertainer Dick Van Dyke, who was unmasked as Gnome.

After Medusa's second week on the show, viewers have been given more clues as to who might be behind the mask, with one clue, Coldplay's Chris Martin, playing a big part in directing the panel and viewers' guesses. 

Thanks to these hypothetical odds provided by industry sports betting experts, we've looked at which celebrity might be unveiled as Medusa. 

The Masked Singer US 2023: Who is Medusa?

Celebrity Odds Implied Probability
Fergie +200 33.3%
Pink +300 24%
Lorde +350 22.2%
Jessie J. +400 20%
Apple Martin +500 16.7%
Dakota Johnson +700 12.5%
Bishop Briggs +800 11.1%
Tove Lo +900 10%
Christina Aguilera +1000 9.1%
Shakira +1200 7.7%
Katy Perry +1400 6.7%

Fergie's Improved Chance 

Several Masked Singer viewers have pointed out that Black Eyed Peas star Fergie could be the star behind the mask. 

The singer is now +200 favorite to be Medusa, from a price of +300 last week, and there is now a 33.3% implied likelihood that the I Gotta Feeling hitmaker is the character. 

After Buckingham Palace was a clue in Week 1, several fans have claimed it could be a reference to the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, whose nickname is Fergie. 

In the latest episode, former Bachelor star Nick Viall dropped by to give a clue on Medusa's behalf in the shape of an airline ticket. 

He said: "It's a first-class ticket, flight number 1996. They're going to Tokyo." 

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was another clue, as was the Super Bowl, and both Fergie and the Yellow hitmaker have performed at halftime. 

Tokyo Clue Points To Briggs 

However, some viewers are now convinced that the Tokyo clue means Medusa is Bishop Briggs. 

Briggs was born in 1992 and moved to the Japanese city four years later, which could be a reference to the "flight number 1996" part of the clue. 

The British singer is +800 to be Medusa, with an 11.1% implied probability, from a massive +3000 last week. 

Eagle-eyed fans also pointed out that Briggs had opened for Coldplay but were left scratching their heads over the Super Bowl reference. 

However, some believe the Coldplay clue could well mean that Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple Martin might be under the Medusa mask. 

Apple, who was in the audience when her father performed at the Super Bowl, is +500 to be the character, behind Pink (+300) and Jessie J (+400). The Masked Singer judge Robin Thicke also name-dropped Apple as a possible Medusa candidate. 

Coldplay Clue Could Relate To Dakota? 

But judge Ken Jeong — who correctly guessed Howie was Rock Lobster during the show — has predicted Medusa could be actress Dakota Johnson, dating Martin. The Fifty Shades of Grey star is +700 to be the character. 

Fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger thinks Tove Lo, featured on the 2015 Coldplay hit Fun with Chris, has a chance of being Medusa. 

The Swedish singer is +900, and has a 10% implied likelihood of being the character, while some viewers still think Scherzinger's Week 1 guess of Lorde could be correct. She is +350 with a 22.2% implied probability. 

Christina Aguilera's price has increased from +500 last week to +1000 after Week 2, while Shakira has gone from +700 to +1200, and Katy Perry is now at the bottom of the market on +1400.

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