The Masked Singer 2023: Medusa And California Roll Keep Fans Guessing

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The Masked Singer 2023: Medusa And California Roll Keep Fans Guessing

For the first time this season, The Masked Singer has more than one character remaining in the show after Medusa and newbie California Roll both progressed to Week 4.

Medusa has survived three consecutive weeks, but the character had judge Nicole Scherzinger to thank for single-handedly keeping her in the competition. 

During Wednesday night's episode, Medusa lost out to California Roll in the Battle Royale, which decides which character progresses to the following week. But Scherzinger grabbed a hammer and hit the Ding Dong Keep it On Bell, saving Medusa from elimination. 

Medusa will now have to face off against two other characters, who are yet to be revealed, in a special redemption episode later in the season, in which one will re-join the competition, but the other two will be unmasked. 

But things didn't go to plan for Polar Bear, who was unmasked as Grandmaster Flash during Wednesday night's episode. 

With three weeks of Medusa clues, viewers now have plenty of material as they try to figure out who she is. We know California Roll is more than one person because five people performed while dressed as individual pieces of sushi. 

Thanks to these hypothetical odds provided by industry sports betting experts, we've looked at which celebrity might be unveiled as Medusa and California Roll. 

All Eyes On Pentatonix

Cappella pop group Pentatonix is the underwhelming favorite to be behind the five pieces of California Roll sushi. 

Pentatonix leads the way at -200, with a 66.7% implied likelihood of being the character. 

The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy agrees with viewers after predicting Pentatonix could be behind the multiple masks. 

Scherzinger also admitted she thought it might be Pentatonix, but she opted for the cast of the musical Pitch Perfect after a baseball — the pitcher — and "perfect dish" clues. 

Internet meme Pizza Rat appeared on stage with a huge piece of pizza, which had "5 billion" written on the reverse, and California Roll said: "5 billion and growing, but who’s counting?"

McCarthy also predicted that California Roll could be the cast of Broadway's The Lion King, who is +200 because there was a tiger among the clues. 

But judge Ken Jeong believes it is the cast of High School Musical, who is +500 to be California Roll, while the cast of reality TV series Jersey Shore is +800 longshot. 

The Masked Singer 2023: Who is California Roll?

Celebrity Odds Implied Probability
Pentatonix -200 66.7%
The cast of Broadway's The Lion King +200 33.3%
The cast of Pitch Perfect +300 25%
The cast of High School Musical +500 16.7%
The cast of Jersey Shore +800 11.1%

Medusa Still A Mystery 

After three weeks of The Masked Singer season nine, most fans are convinced that Medusa is Black Eyed Peas star Fergie. 

Fergie remains +200 to be the character, despite more clues pointing towards Medusa potentially being her. 

On Wednesday, Medusa sang New York, New York by Frank Sinatra, and one of her clues was a display of a bridge. 

Some eagle-eyed fans have pointed out this could reference Fergie's song London Bridge. 

The star — whose real name is Stacy Ferguson — is of Scottish descent, and one of the clues was the mask of former Masked Singer contestant Scottish Terrier, who was later unveiled as Food Network star Duff Goldman. 

However, some viewers were quick to claim that the bridge shown was Brooklyn Bridge and believe this helps prove that Medusa is British-American singer Bishop Briggs, who has performed at Brooklyn Steel. 

Briggs is +350 to be Medusa, with a 22.2% implied probability, and has a strong link to Scotland. 

The star was born to Scottish parents from Bishopbriggs, the inspiration for her stage name. 

The Masked Singer 2023: Who is Medusa?

Celebrity Odds Implied Probability
Fergie +200 33.3%
Bishop Briggs +350 22.2%
Lorde +400 20%
Apple Martin +500 16.7%
Gwyneth Paltrow +600 14.3%
Billie Eilish +800 11.1%
Pink +1200 7.7%
Florence Welch +1400 6.%
Susan Boyle +2000 4.8%
Shirley Manson +2500 3.8%
Kesha +2500 3.8%
Halsey +3000 3.2%

Lorde In With A Shot 

But if Fergie or Briggs aren't under Medusa's mask, third favorite Lorde (+400) could be the answer. 

Scherzinger guessed Lorde in Week 1 and returned to the exact prediction in Wednesday's episode. 

But another clue has been Coldplay's Chris Martin, leading some to think the singer's daughter Apple Martin (+500) might be Medusa or even his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow (+600). 

Scherzinger also guessed Florence Welch, who is +1400, could be behind the mask and went for Shirley Manson (+2500). At the same time, her fellow panelist Jeong predicted Scottish singer Susan Boyle, who is +2000 with a 4.8% implied probability. 

Show judge Robin Thicke settled on Kesha (+2500) as his final guess, shortly before Scherzinger saved Medusa, while McCarthy predicted Halsey, who is +3000, to be behind the mask. 

Billie Eilish (+800) and Pink (+1200) have also been discussed as potential Medusa contenders, but the likelihood appears to weaken as the weeks progress. 

California Roll Favorite To Win 

While Medusa has made it through three weeks on The Masked Singer, she must triumph in the redemption episode to progress further. 

California Roll is now the +250 favorite to win the season, followed by Medusa at +350. 

The Masked Singer 2023: Who Wins?

Contestant Odds
California Roll +250
Medusa +350


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