To Mask or Not to Mask, Isaac Haxton Irks Haters with COVID Stance

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To Mask or Not to Mask, Isaac Haxton Irks Haters with COVID Stance
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In this week’s Twittertainment, we roll back the clock to the thick of the pandemic, thanks to Isaac Haxton, and ask the question: are masks still necessary at the poker table?

Haxton did what he does best on April 1 by winning Event #8 at the US Poker Open for $432,000. The American was an online poker legend back in the day, but since focusing on live tournaments, he’s won more than $35 million.

Haxton’s latest live win added another six-figure sum to his career total, but it wasn’t the money that got people’s attention. Haxton has been wearing a facemask ever since live poker events returned in the wake of COVID-19. He believes that safety first remains the best strategy, particularly at poker events where germs can circulate easily. 

Isaac Haxton Plays it Safe

For all intents and purposes, Haxton’s decision to wear a mask is not only his right but a sensible one. If he feels comfortable playing in one, so be it. He’s not asking anyone else to follow his lead. 

We’re not in the midst of any COVID-19 restrictions like we were back in 2020 and 2021, so everyone can do as they please. However, despite the fact people can now make their own choices, Haxton’s mask-wearing doesn’t sit well with everyone. 

In fact, whenever he’s pictured wearing a mask, it causes more than a bit of consternation among certain factions of the poker community. Haxton is a poker pro, so it’s not surprising he used this to his advantage following his recent win. In an attempt to put his haters on tilt, Haxton made a point of posing for a photo wearing his mask. 

As well as having fun with a topic that remains divisive, despite mask mandates being a distant memory, Haxton’s tweet is a metagame masterstroke. Deliberately poking the bear and getting his haters riled up could work in Haxton’s favor if they cross paths at a poker table. 

Haters Gonna Hate on Haxton 

To give you an idea of the hate Haxton’s mask gets from certain people on Twitter, here are a few of the SFW (suitable for work) comments we found:

“Let your immune system work. If you are getting sick easily then maybe look deep into your health,” DANMEER.

“It’s a pretty funny troll. But obviously ridiculous like most of the comments you’ve made over the last couple years Lol. Congrats on the win though,” Haven Werner.

“My dude is wearing an N95?!?! Lmao aww hellllllll no,” NEiLaRADO.

“Clown with that mask on all by himself,” Snowy Solutions.

“This idiot is still wearing a mask, unbelievable,” Ricky Yurko.

Haxton Not Masking His Support for COVID Safety

While there is certainly an element of stoking the fire to Haxton’s tweets, he’s also doing it for positive reasons. In his words, posing for pictures in his mask is a “statement” and a show of “solidarity” for people who still have concerns about COVID-19.

There are plenty of people both inside and outside of poker who feel the same way about COVID-19 Haxton. Therefore, it wasn’t all hate among the 1,000+ quotes and retweets. In fact, a lot of Haxton’s followers actually thanked him for rocking a mask during live events. 

As well as gratitude, people were eager to offer Haxton some tips on other ways he could protect himself at the poker table and other public settings. 

Mask or no mask, Isaac Haxton is a crusher. He’s already won $5.1 million in live tournaments this year, even with people railing against his right to cover his face. So, as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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