Who Will Win American Idol Season 22? Episode 2

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Who Will Win American Idol Season 22? Episode 2

"American Idol" season 22 continued to impress on Sunday night, with the second episode featuring yet another platinum performance. 

Last week's season premiere saw the judges, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry, award the first Platinum Ticket to Odell Bunton Jr., and the panelists were at it again in the latest episode. 

The judges gave out 10 Golden Tickets, which booked the lucky recipients a place in Hollywood Week, and one Platinum Ticket. 

If that wasn't enough, a thrilling second episode of the season featured a performance from the granddaughter of legendary country singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn. 

And Bryan already thinks he's found the winner of the season - just two episodes in. 

Carter Can Go All The Way 

Abi Carter was the lucky recipient of the latest Platinum Ticket - which enables her to skip the first round of performances during Hollywood Week - and panelist Bryan believes she can win the whole competition. 

After Carter wowed with her performance of Billie Eilish tune "What Was I Made For?", Bryan told her she could be this year's "American Idol" winner, while Perry excitedly said: "What were you made for? You were made for this!"

Carter's platinum performance has seen the star become the new +100 favorite to win this year's "American Idol", just ahead of episode one star Bunton Jr. (+200). 

Like Carter, Hailey Mia also progressed on Sunday night, after she bravely performed one of panelist Perry's own songs. 

The +250 chance received three yeses for her rendition of "Rise", after which Perry told her: "Inspirited! Full body chills, even in places where I’ve been botoxed," and Bryan described her as "top 10". 

Ziggy's Dutch Of Class 

New contestants Justice Murphy (+400), Ziggy (+500), and Nya (+600) are also near the summit of the "American Idol" futures betting after they wowed the judges on Sunday night. 

Richie was "so in love" with Murphy's performance, while Ziggy also had a Dutch of class about him. 

The star, who is from the Netherlands, is no stranger to reality TV after he finished seventh in "Dutch Idol" and he has also taken part in "The Voice of Holland".

Bryan admitted he would've previously dismissed a singer like Ziggy, but he branded his audition "one of the best performances of the day," and the judge told Nya she was one of his favorite auditions so far.  

Lynn's Granddaughter Impresses 

One of the biggest surprises of the night came when wannabe Emmy Russell casually dropped it into conversation with the judges that late music icon Lynn is her grandmother. 

The panelists advised Russell not to compare herself to her grandmother, who was known for hits such as "I'm a Honky Tonk Girl" and "Coal Miner's Daughter", because she has a different style. 

But Russell did enough to impress in her own right, receiving three yeses from the judges. 

Russell is now +600 to win this year's "American Idol", ahead of fellow episode two contestants KB (+700), Noah Peters (+800), and Roman Collins (+900).

Peters A Cut Above

Barber Peters wowed the panelists with his performance of "I Won’t Let Go" by Rascal Flatts, but if that wasn't enough he was also tasked with giving an on-stage haircut to season 21 finalist Colin Stough. During the trim, Peters and Stough performed Chris Stapleton's "Broken Halos" together. 

Elsewhere, Richie described Collins as a "light and a vibe", but he wasn't quite as keen on Dawson Slade.
The judge gave the star a "no", but Slade went on to Hollywood after Bryan and Perry gave him a "yes". 

Despite this, Slade is now propping up the "American Idol" market at +1400.

Abby Blake also received a "no" - from Perry, after she "wasn’t exactly sold" by Blake's rendition of "What About Us" by Pink - and two yeses to put her through, but it was her piano player who impressed more.

After giving Blake a "no", Perry wanted Sam "Kayko" Kelly-Cohen to step forward from the piano to perform.  

He sang his original tune, "Time Of Your Life", which the judges loved, and Kayko is now +1000 to win "American Idol" season 22, while his pal Blake +1100. 
The auditions will continue on Sunday night. 

Note: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts!

Who Will Win American Idol Season 22?

  • Abi Carter +100 50% 
  • Odell Bunton Jr. +200 33.3%
  • Hailey Mia +250 28.6% 
  • Blake Proehl +300 25% 
  • Micaela McCall +400 20%
  • Justice Murphy +400 20%
  • Ziggy +500 16.7%
  • McKenna Breinholt +500 16.7%
  • Mackenzie Sol +600 14.3%
  • Nya +600 14.3%
  • Emmy Russell +600 14.3%
  • Meggie Iyer +700 12.5%
  • KB +700 12.5%
  • Noah Peters +800 11.1%
  • Ajii +800 11.1%
  • Triston Harper +900 10% 
  • Kennedy Reid +1000 9.1%
  • Sam “Kayko” Kelly-Cohen +1000 9.1%
  • Abby Blake +1100 8.3%
  • Jack Blocker +1200 7.7%
  • Dawson Slade +1400 6.7%