WynnBET Legends vs Stars NBA Props: Bet LeBron vs Wilt & More

WynnBET Legends vs Stars NBA Props: Bet LeBron vs Wilt & More

Online sportsbooks will never cease to amaze us in the creativity department and that goes for WynnBET, too.

WynnBet Sportsbook has some astonishingly interesting promotional offers right now in which you will wager today’s stars versus the legends of old.

Will certain players best legends such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neil, Charles Barkley and more in single-season points, rebounds, and more?

“It’s a landmark season for the NBA and we’re excited to create our own spin on its celebrated history of superstar talent,” said WynnBET Senior Trading Manager Alan Berg. “The NBA thrives on debates of which player is better than the other, such as Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James, and now fans can bet at WynnBET to back their argument. These markets are a great reflection of the past, present, and future legends of the league as it looks forward to another 75 years.”

With the spirit of 75 years in mind, let’s look at this massive collection of odds WynnBET is now offering players in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, and New Jersey.

Michael Jordan’s Career PPG (30.1) vs. Kevin Durant’s PPG in 2021-22

  • Jordan: -300
  • Durant: +250

With Kyrie Irving set to sit out, it’s quite possible that Kevin Durant will need to help make up for his lost production on offense. At +250, Durant, now north of 30 years old, could reach this if Iriving were to sit the entire season.

Will Russell Westbrook + LeBron James + Anthony Davis Score 100 Combined Points on Oct. 19 vs. Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game in 1962?

  • No: -1500
  • Yes: +600

Tipping off the year against the Golden State Warriors, it should be a fantastic matchup. However, for three players to total over 33 points each on average, that’s a tall task even when the players are LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Davis.

Kobe Bryant’s Career PPG (25) vs. LeBron James’ PPG in 2021-22

  • Bryant: -115
  • James: -105

Approaching his 20th NBA season, the Lakers are still LeBron’s team and he will be a focal point on offense. We could also see LeBron sit more a bit this year, which could also help his PPG average. Take James here.

Larry Bird’s 3-Point Field Goals in One Game (Seven) vs. Stephen Curry To Record More in One Game in 2021-22

  • Bird: +175
  • Curry: -200

With Curry averaging over 30 points per game last season, he could find himself with even more opportunities beyond the arch with Klay Thompson back in the fold.

For NBA betting players, seven 3-pointers are something that Curry could easily accomplish.

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Shaquille O’Neal’s PPG + RPG in 99-00 (43.3) vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s PPG + RPG in 2021-22

  • O’Neal: -165
  • Antetokounmpo: +145

After averaging 28/11 last season, that would make Antetokounmpo 4.3 shy of the 43.3 mark.

His peak season came in 2019-20, going 29.5/13.6, which is still just shy.

This could be a Giannis takeover season unlike any other, but I’ll take Shaq ever-so-slightly on this one.

Hakeem Olajuwon’s PPG + RPG in 93-94 (39.2) vs. Joel Embiid’s PPG + RPG in 2021-22

  • Olajuwon: +100
  • Embiid: -120

Joel Embiid should turn in another PPG total in the 26+ range. This leaves him needing 11-13 rebounds per game, which is highly possible, too.

We don’t know what will happen with Ben Simmons either so if he is dealt, that could also help boost Embiid’s numbers.

At -120, take the stud in Embiid.

Magic Johnson’s PPG + APG in 86-87 (36.1) vs. James Harden’s PPG + APG in 2021-22

  • Johnson: +195
  • Harden: -230

After three straight seasons over 30 PPG, Harden turned in a modest 24.6 PPG campaign with just under 11 assists.

Harden should see improved offensive numbers with a full year in Brooklyn. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that his PPG+APG will be closer to 40 than 35.

Dirk Nowitzki’s Career-High in Points (53) vs. Luka Doncic to Score a Higher Total in 2021-22

  • Nowitzki: +125
  • Doncic: -145

Luka Doncic is one of those players who could go off any game for a 60 burger. He’s likely going to win MVP this season, too. Yeah, I’ll take the superstar in this one without blinking.

Tim Duncan’s PPG + RPG in 01-02 (38.2) vs. Nikola Jokic’s PPG + RPG in 2021-22

  • Duncan: -210
  • Jokic: +180

Jokic had the best offensive season of his career last season, besting his PPG totals by more than six from his previous best.

There could be some regression in that department and even if the rebounds improve, it’ll be a tough trek to top Duncan’s total.

Bill Russell’s Career BPG (8.6) vs. Rudy Gobert’s Most Blocks in a Game in 2021-22 (Greater than Russell’s average)

  • Russell: -175
  • Gobert: +155

Considering Rudy Gobert had nine blocks in just one game last season, this seems like it could be a difficult one to reach.

Sure, Gobert will get 82 cracks at it, but nine blocks in a game, even for Gobert, is a lot.

Charles Barkley’s Third-Year PPG + RPG (37.6) vs. Zion Williamson’s Third-Year PPG + RPG (2021-22)

  • Barkley: -145
  • Williamson: +125

With Zion Williamson’s health being a question mark heading into the year — and a foot injury at that — it’s difficult to take +125 odds with so much uncertainty.

When he comes back, Williamson will be a main offensive contributor for the New Orleans Pelicans, but still, I’m not messing around with foot injuries in this case.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s PPG in 75-76 (27.7) vs. Anthony Davis’ PPG in 2021-22

  • Abdul-Jabbar: -145
  • Davis: +125

Anthony Davis has finished north of 27.7 PPG in just two seasons. Now with Russell Westbrook in the fold, the odds shrink just a bit more. I’ll pass on Davis in this promotion. Take Kareem.

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Oscar Robertson’s Triple-Doubles in 1961-62 (41) vs. Russell Westbrook’s Triple-Doubles in 2021-22

  • Robertson: -400
  • Westbrook: +320

Russell Westbrook is a walking triple-double, but there will be two other mouths to feed with the Lakers. It’s difficult to bank on that happening in a more evenly spread out offense, but even a 26/8/8 line could get it done.

This isn’t a bad bet at +320, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Westbrook fall short.

Isiah Thomas’ 25 Points in a Quarter in 1988 vs. Damian Lillard to Score More Than 25 in any quarter in 2021-22

  • Thomas: -1800
  • Lillard: +650

Scoring 25 points in a single quarter on a team that has other valid offensive options is going to be a tough bet to make. Sure, Damian Lillard can have those explosive games, but in a single quarter, I’ll pass on that.

Allen Iverson’s Sophomore PPG + APG (28) vs. LaMelo Ball’s Sophomore PPG + APG (2021-22)

  • Iverson: -170
  • Ball: +150

I’m a LaMelo Ball believer through and through. He should average similar to his output last year (15.7 PPG). Couple that with him throwing alley-oops to Miles Bridges and that makes for some phenomenal assist output.

I’m taking Ball here.

Dwyane Wade’s PPG + APG in 08-09 (37.7) vs. Bradley Beal’s PPG + APG in 2021-22

  • Wade: -185
  • Beal: +165

Beal is the type of player who will score at will but will rarely top five assists per game, especially being on the Washington Wizards. If Beal is traded, he could be more likely to dish the ball, but then his scoring production could suffer.

D-Wade wins this one for me.

Kevin Garnett’s PPG + RPG in 03-04 (38.1) vs. Jayson Tatum’s PPG + RPG in 2021-22

  • Garnett: -300
  • Tatum: +250

Coming off the best season of his career, Tatum would need to push it even further to top the combined 38.1. While that is possible, the Celtics have added more pieces to hopefully help off the bench. With that said, it will be difficult for Tatum to reach the 38.1 threshold.

Jerry West’s PPG + APG in 69-70 (38.7) vs. Trae Young’s PPG + APG in 2021-22

  • West: -145
  • Young: +125

In his three NBA seasons, Trae Young does have a PPG + APG total of nearly 39 under his belt and is good enough to top the 38.7 outlined here.

For the Atlanta Hawks to continue pushing in the Eastern Conference, they’ll need Young to come up in a big way, especially with teams like the Miami Heat improving.

Get ready for a big season from Young, en route to topping the 38.7 combined total needed here.


Now that we’ve gone through all of these offers, it’s time for you to download the WynnBET app and place your bets. WynnBET has done an excellent job with these innovative promotions to celebrate 75 years of the NBA. While you’re there, also be sure to take advantage of WynnBET’s $1000 risk-free bet as the NBA season tips off tonight.

The NBA is back in session, people. It’s time to make some money!

See you over at WynnBet Louisiana!

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