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Best California Betting Apps & Online Sportsbook Bonuses Expected | CA Sports Betting Launch Updates

Online sports betting in California may be coming in 2022 or 2023. With several initiatives being proposed for the November 2022 election, online betting on NFL or NHL could be a reality come 2023. One thing's certain, the best sports betting sites are already eyeing the state. Let’s look at how California sports betting could look when it finally goes live.

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Latest California Online Sports Betting Updates

Sports betting is not the only unregulated gambling activity in California. The same applies to California online casinos. You won't be able to find any of them, at least not before California gambling gets regulated.

📈 Current California betting Status:Not legal
📅 California Online Betting Launch:TBC
📱 California Sportsbook Apps Expected:DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, WynnBET, Fanatics, Bally’s, Barstool
🎁 Expected Promos:Risk-Free Bets, free bets, deposit match, loyalty program, refer-a-friend, odds boost, Cash Out, money back, profit boost, parlay boost, parlay insurance
🏈Sports to be available:Football, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, MMA/UFC, motorsports, college football, rugby, tennis, golf
🔞Legal Gambling Age:21+
💸 Payment Methods:Debit/credit card, e-Wallets, prepaid card, ACH/e-Check, online banking, PayNearMe, mobile banking, casino cage deposits
⚖️ California Regulator:California Gambling Control Commission

Latest California Betting Apps News:

Nov. 11, 2022 | By Steve Ruddock | @SteveRuddock

Sports betting was on the ballot in California on Tuesday, and it wasn’t a good day for bettors. Even though polling and chatter in the run-up to election day indicated sports betting was on life support, the crushing defeat of Prop 26 and Prop 27 was something nobody saw coming. 

With about 50% of precincts reporting, Prop 26, a tribal-backed initiative that would legalize retail sports betting at California tribal casinos and racetracks, stands at just under 30% support. The results are even worse for Prop 27, the initiative to legalize mobile betting backed by commercial gaming operators. Prop 27 currently stands at less than 17% support. To put that into perspective, Congress has a 21% approval rating, according to the latest Gallup polling. 

Californians don’t disapprove of legal sports betting, but rather how it was being offered. A single ballot measure asking voters to legalize sports betting would be a slam dunk, but that wasn’t what Californians were asked to vote on. Instead, California got competing ballot initiatives and two sides waging an all-out negative ad war on each other. One of those sides, California’s gaming tribes, is viewed very favorably in large swathes of the state. 

Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on attack ads did the job, confusing and frustrating voters to the point that they would rather vote for a swarm of locusts to descend on their homes than legal sports betting.  

Regarding gambling, California is a dynamic state with many moving pieces. If you entered the legal U.S. gambling discussion around 2018 and missed California’s online poker war (2009-17), you could be forgiven for not understanding the complexity of gambling in California. 

The state is a top-five economy in the world, with an annual budget of $308 billion. Even though it would be the top online gambling market in the country, the “budget dust” (credit to Richard Schuetz for the phrase) from legal online gambling doesn’t move the needle. 

There are also three politically powerful, entrenched gambling interests in the state:

  1. Tribes
  2. Commercial Cardrooms
  3. Racing and associated unions

Add the commercial online gambling operators to the already-volatile mix, and you end up with not one but four needles to thread. As well as needles within needles, considering inter-tribal politics and disagreements within the factions. 

That was on clear display in Prop 26, which not only sought to legalize retail sports betting but would have expanded tribal casino offerings to include roulette and craps and made it easier to sue California cardrooms over the longstanding, disputed practice of cardrooms offering player-banked games. 

As the No on Proposition 26 Campaign said in a statement following the elections:

“California voters were not fooled by Proposition 26 and soundly rejected it. Prop 26 was not just a sports betting measure but a massive expansion of gambling by five wealthy tribes that included a poison pill aimed at taking market share away from highly regulated cardrooms that provide millions of dollars in tax revenue to communities and tens of thousands of jobs. Voters made it clear; Prop 26 is bad for communities, jobs, and California.” 

And that “sound rejection” has garnered nearly double the support of the mobile betting initiative, Prop 27.

What Comes Next for California Sports Betting?

Legalizing sports betting hinges on presenting Californians with a single sports betting option. No choice, just a simple yes or no question.

The next opportunity to bring a constitutional amendment on sports betting before California voters is in 2024. That can be accomplished in two ways:

Given the current stakeholder relationships, Path 1 seems a near-impossibility. With a 2/3 requirement, any politically connected entity or group could derail attempts to broker a compromise between the disparate groups. And if one group feels jaded by the legislature, nothing prevents them from taking Path 2.

Path 2 is how we ended up with competing ballot initiatives. With the state’s low threshold for ballot inclusion, it’s hard to envision a scenario where a lone tribal or commercial mobile option lands on the 2024 ballot. 

The only hope is for a group of powerful tribes and major commercial gambling companies to set aside their differences and team up to back a single ballot initiative via the legislative or signature collection. At the same time, they need to keep everyone happy enough that they don’t create their own initiative. 

A compromise between the three existing factions (major gaming tribes and racetracks, commercial operators and smaller tribes, and cardrooms) must resolve or at least satisfy several problems. 

Tribal Sovereignty

When it comes to online gambling, tribes are (rightfully) skeptical. To offer legal online sports betting (or gambling), tribes must either submit to being licensed as commercial sports betting operators or wade into the legal quagmire the Seminole Tribe in Florida currently occupies.

Standing in their way is IGRA, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which stipulates that all tribal gaming must occur on tribal lands. In the online arena, that raises the unsettled question of, “where does a bet take place?” That is why states that authorized tribal sports betting operators have licensed tribes as commercial operators or limited sports betting to in-person betting at tribal facilities. 


If tribes and commercial gaming operators form a partnership to avoid the thorny “where does a bet take place” argument, the big question is, who is in charge? Which of the two entities, the tribes or the online gambling operators, will have the upper hand in the relationship? 

Tribes will not agree to any compromise that doesn’t put them in firm control of sports betting and any future online gambling. As we learned during the online poker years, California’s gaming tribes don’t want a good or great deal. They want a perfect deal. As Richard Schuetz points out, the results of Prop 27 demonstrate their clout and why they tend to get what they want. 

Market Access

Looking back at California’s decade-long effort to bring legal online poker to Golden State residents provides another insight, as one of the most significant sticking points was who would be allowed to receive a license. Tribes wanted to sideline cardrooms and keep the PokerStars juggernaut out of the state, lest it upset the power balance. 

Unlike poker, cardrooms can’t claim they have a right to offer sports betting, but they can lend their political power to opposition or alternative efforts. 

As a deal is brokered and the sides jockey for position, you may see the tribes resurrect the bad actor debate and find their new PokerStars in the form of FanDuel and DraftKings. 

Adjacent Issues 

Prop 26 was touted as being about sports betting. The reality is, at least for the tribes, sports betting was the third most important piece of Prop 26, behind the addition of roulette and dice games to approved casino games and making it easier to sue cardrooms. 

The bottom line is that tribes aren’t going to the mattresses over sports betting. It’s low on their list. As such, they will continue to try to attach some of their more significant asks to sports betting discussions. Asks that are far more controversial to other stakeholders. 

Californians Reject Sports Betting, Setting Stage For 2024 Showdown 

Nov. 9, 2022

By Larry Henry



The two competing sports betting ballot measures in California were defeated Tuesday by overwhelming margins.

With 42% of the vote in, the New York Times and other major media outlets declared that the sports betting ballot questions — Propositions 26 and 27 — have been defeated in California.

Below are the unofficial results from Tuesday’s election. Results were still being tallied Wednesday in California, the nation’s largest state by population size, with more than 39.1 million residents.

Proposition 26 to legalize in-person sports betting at tribal casinos and four horse tracks:

No: 70%

Yes: 30%

42% of votes in

Proposition 27 to legalize online and mobile sports betting:

No: 83%

Yes: 17%  

42% of votes in

Proposition 26 was backed by the state’s major tribes, which would have been allowed to offer in-person betting at casino sportsbooks. California is home to 66 tribal casinos in 28 counties.

Proposition 27 was supported by national online sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

The stakes were high in the effort to capture the large California legal sports betting market, which was expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue. 

Combined, the groups attempting to win support for their proposal, and to defeat the opposing plan, spent nearly $600 million on advertising. This figure nearly doubled the amount that ride-share services spent in 2020 to keep drivers from becoming eligible for job benefits.


At the upcoming legislative session, any legislator can introduce a sports betting bill. The session runs from Dec. 5, 2022, to Sept. 15, 2023, at the Capitol in Sacramento.

However, with the public overwhelmingly voting against sports betting on Tuesday, a sports betting bill might have difficulty winning approval at the Legislature without consensus from the tribes and national online sportsbooks.


Also in California, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom defeated Republican challenger Brian Dahle to win another four-year term. In the final run-up to Tuesday’s election, Newsom came out against Proposition 27 to legalize the use of mobile apps to bet on sports in California.



Nov. 7, 2022

Californians Vote Tuesday on Sports Betting, Approval Unlikely

By Larry Henry



California voters head to the polls on Tuesday, faced with two competing ballot questions that would legalize sports betting in the nation’s most populated state. But both sports betting proposals appear headed for defeat, according to a public opinion poll.

Proposition 26, backed by the state’s largest tribes, would legalize in-person sports betting at tribal casinos and four privately operated horse tracks, but not on mobile apps. California is home to 66 tribal casinos in 28 counties.

Proposition 27 would allow bettors to use mobile apps across the state to wager on sports. This measure is backed by national online sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

With more than 39 million residents, California would generate a record-shattering number of sports bets placed every month.

But a public opinion poll that the University of California, Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies conducted in late September indicates the two ballot questions are likely to fail.

Here are the results of the poll, which has a margin of error of +/-2.5 percentage point:

Prop 26 (in-person betting)

Prop 27 (mobile betting) 

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Advocates for the two sports betting proposals have said both ballot questions probably will be defeated on Tuesday, despite the two sides spending nearly a half-billion dollars on advertising combined.

At the recent Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, Jacob Mejia, director of public affairs for Pechanga Development Corp., said people will vote “no” on a ballot issue if they are confused about it, as is happening in California with the sports betting initiatives.

“The reality is both of them are not going to pass,” he said in a panel discussion at the expo.

Last week on the business network CNBC, host Jim Cramer, during an interview with DraftKings CEO Jason Robins, said he doesn’t understand why the sports betting proposals appear likely to fail in California. He said sports betting is “fun” and generates tax revenue for the state.

Sports betting is legal and live in 31 states and Washington, D.C. 

“I don’t get it,” Cramer said. “It’s great revenue for the state.”

Robins said it has been difficult for the national online sportsbooks to overcome hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising aimed at defeating the mobile sports betting effort. 

“Hopefully we’ll see it happen in ’24,” he said.

At the G2E gaming conference, tribal leaders participating in a panel discussion vowed to fight any effort by national online sportsbooks to enter the California market in 2024.

Victor Rocha, editor of Pechanga.net, said the tribes will fight the national sportsbooks “like it’s our last fight."


California Legal Sports Betting Timeline

May 2022:
1 of 6

Coalition of top US sportsbooks – including DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM – propose licensing partnerships with tribal casinos.

March 2022:
2 of 6

California’s poker rooms file lawsuit against tribal sports betting initiatives.

February 2022:
3 of 6

Second proposal is made which also allows online sports betting. Mobile and online sportsbook licenses in California would be limited to tribal casinos.

November 2021:
4 of 6

First proposal – California Sports Wagering Regulation and Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act – made to allow sports betting in person at tribal casinos. In-state college sports would be prohibited.

5 of 6

Sen. Bill Dodd introduces Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) to address legality of sports betting. The bill is pulled due to COVID-19 and opposition.

6 of 6

Senators Charles Schumer and Orrin Hatch introduce Sports Wagering Market Integrity Act of 2018. The bill lacks support across the board.


Available Daily Fantasy Sites in Californa

California doesn’t have specific laws governing daily fantasy sports. Many of the best daily fantasy sports sites offer their services to players in the Golden State. Choose your team and players with a budget and score points based on how they perform. You can enter real-money contests and win big prizes at the best daily fantasy sports sites.

The biggest daily fantasy sports sites in California run regular big-money promotions throughout the year. Alongside weekly prize contests, there are also one-match competitions and even season-long contests which reward the long-term pickers.



DraftKings DFS

DraftKings DFS is the industry leader in daily fantasy sports and offers big-money contests to players across the state. DraftKings is also eyeing up legal sports betting when California finally goes live. You can form fantasy teams on everything from football to basketball and even enter paid contests covering eSports.

DraftKings offers a range of different fantasy games, from the Classic Salary Cap where you can win big cash prizes to Head-to-Heads. Take on a pal in a one-on-one test of your fantasy sports picking skills. DraftKings will also match you up with a player of a similar level so you aren’t completely outmatched in a contest.

FanDuel DFS

Together with DraftKings, FanDuel DFS is one of the biggest DFS providers in the United States. FanDuel offers an interesting mix of weekly drafts and daily drafts across sports such as football and baseball. You can also take advantage of big welcome bonuses when you sign up. 

Like DraftKings, FanDuel offers beginner and intermediate contests so you don’t have to butt up against an expert. New players can also take advantage of Live Snake Drafts. You take turns drafting a team with fellow competitors with the pick order reversed to make it totally fair. Snake Drafts are available for multiple sports such as baseball, football and basketball.

Monkey Knife Fight DFS

Monkey Knife Fight DFS operates in dozens of US states, including California. They have won numerous awards for their DFS output, particularly where amateur fantasy sports players are concerned.

Monkey Knife Fight offers a host of easy-to-play fantasy contests such as More or Less where you simply go higher or lower on a player’s point spread. You can also enter special 2nd Half contests on selected sports.

As with other DFS operators like FanDuel and DraftKings, Monkey Knife Fight makes it easy to avoid playing against pros. Plus, you can take advantage of having no salary caps on many contests.

WinView DFS

WinView is a new prediction-based fantasy sports site that’s shaking up the way fantasy sports are played. With WinView you make predictions on events taking place during televised games. For example, you make simply ‘Yes/No’ predictions on props during a game (e.g. ‘Will the next batter score a home run?’). You have a shot at sharing prize cash if you guess correctly.

WinView offers free and paid fantasy contests for most televised sports. You can also win cash by answering five pregame props before the action begins. In addition, WinView offers a range of ongoing promotions such as $25 freerolls to $1,000 tournaments.

Upcoming California Sportsbooks and Apps

California online betting sites could become a reality by 2023. Many of the top sportsbook operators are maneuvering in 2022 to become the first to go live. Here’s who we expect to be at the front of the line when California online sports betting laws go live.

DraftKings California Betting App

It’s no secret that DraftKings Sportsbook is keen to enter the new sports betting industry in California. The operator is among several US sportsbooks to back the online sports betting initiative for the November 2022 ballot.

If and when DraftKings CA goes live, customers will have access to a choice of markets and one of the best sportsbook rewards programs in town. Earn Dynasty Rewards points and redeem them for perks such as cash and free bets.

In addition, DraftKings runs one of the best sportsbook welcome bonuses in town. Sign up and claim a deposit match bonus when you fund your account for the first time.


DraftKings Online Sportsbook App


One of the best sports betting sites in the US
1000s of markets across NFL, NHL and MLB
Excellent loyalty program with Dynasty Rewards
No web access for mobiles
Odds can be uncompetitive

FanDuel California Sports Betting App

Sports betting in California wouldn’t be complete without FanDuel. Like DraftKings, FanDuel is one of the biggest daily fantasy sports providers in the US. However, it also provides a successful online and mobile sportsbook in many regulated states.

FanDuel offers 1000s of markets on all major US sports such as baseball, hockey and tennis. You can also bet on California sports teams and go for the home side.

In addition to a big risk-free bet welcome bonus, you can take advantage of lots of special offers throughout the season. Cash out before the game finishes, earn regular free bets and refer a friend to earn bonus cash. No wonder FanDuel will be set up as one of the top legal sportsbook websites for California residents.


FanDuel Online Sportsbook


Excellent welcome bonus
Good app for iOS and Android users
Easy banking options
Lack of customer support options

BetMGM California

The MGM brand needs no introduction and BetMGM is the jewel in the crown of its parent company, Entain. BetMGM now operates an all-in-one sportsbook and casino product across multiple states. You’ll be able to choose California from the list of eligible states from start-up and enjoy risk-free bets and the fantastic BetMGM Rewards scheme.

BetMGM’s all-new mobile app also makes it a breeze to place bets through your smartphone. Enjoy enhanced odds on California teams and claim risk-free bets throughout the year. BetMGM will certainly be one of the best online betting sites in California when it goes live.


BetMGM CA Sports Betting App


Excellent software and mobile apps
Competitive odds on football and baseball
All-new BetMGM Rewards program for customers
Withdrawal times can be slow

Caesars California

Caesars has made a strong entrance into the regulated online sports betting in the US after their acquisition of William Hill. The mobile app still uses William Hill software but there is an added bonus: you will be able to enjoy the full range of Caesars Rewards promotions.

Start with a risk-free bet and move into the Caesars Rewards scheme where you can redeem points at casinos across the US. But what about the sportsbook itself? Well, Caesars is primed to be one of the best betting sites in California due to competitive odds and a slick new mobile app for download.


Caesars California Sportsbook


Powerful software from William Hill
Excellent download app
Easy payment options
Caesars Rewards program for all users
Regular bonus options are poor

Online Sportsbook Features to Look out for

Sports betting in California will all be about ease of use, available markets and big bonuses. You’ll be able to get your money in and out safely and quickly while opting in to the latest odds boosts and loyalty deals.

Is Sports Betting Legal in California?

Despite having potentially one of the biggest sports betting industries in the US, California still stubbornly refuses to legalize it. Sports betting online in California is currently illegal under California Penal Code section 337a. The law’s reach is wide and covers online betting on all sports or games of skill. Still, that doesn't mean that we won't see any legal online US sportsbooks arrive to the state at some point.

When will California betting launch?

There have been many attempts to set up a California sports betting market in recent years. The crunch date is November 2022 when Californians go to the polls to vote on a range of ballot measures. Online sports betting proposals must be put forward before June 25 to qualify for November’s ballot. They must also receive the required number of signatures to be approved.

Who will be able to bet on sports?

It’s likely that California will follow the lead of other US states that have already legalized and regulated sports betting.

Sports We Can Expect to Bet on

You’ll have access to thousands of markets when sports betting in California. Bet on your favorite sports from football and baseball to hockey and college sports. You can even enjoy UFC betting on the big fights.

Popular Betting Markets to Expect

California sports bettors will have access to a huge range of markets.


Is Online Horse Betting Legal in California?

Parimutuel betting on horse racing is permitted in California. You can place pooled bets at racetracks in the Golden State and offtrack wagering facilities which accept bets.

Some Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) websites also let you bet on parimutuel markets remotely. There are five tracks in California that offer betting on races. Wagering is regulated by the California Horse Racing Board.

Top Teams to Watch Right Now:

Betting Bonuses We Expect to See

California wagering sites and apps will be bursting with sports betting bonuses to attract new players. Start with a welcome bonus, then enjoy retention bonuses and loyalty programs.


How to Sign up for Sportsbooks Once They Launch

  1. Click on one of our banners to direct you to a California sportsbook.
  2. Alternatively, download a mobile sportsbook app and install it on your smartphone.
  3. Make an account by creating a username and password. You’ll also need to enter some personal details such as your name, address and date of birth.
  4. Enter an exclusive bonus code to claim your welcome bonus. This can include a free bet to get you started.
  5. Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).
  6. Upload any supporting documentation, such as a scan of your US passport or driver’s license.
  7. Log in, open the cashier tab and make your first deposit. You’re now set to go!

California Sports Betting Online Payments


Making Deposits

You can deposit cash into your online sports betting account instantly. Open the cashier tab online or on your mobile and select one of your preferred payment methods. Enter the amount you want to deposit plus your account password.

Making Withdrawals

California betting sites will allow cashouts as well as deposits. You may be restricted to a limited range of cashout options, such as online banking and prepaid card. Typically, Visa and MasterCard won’t be eligible for a withdrawal request.


Betting Options in California

While the rollout for online sports betting in New York has taken some time to gain traction, it's built up a serious head of steam over the past few months. In the following timeline, we'll take a look at the key events that have helped shape the future landscape for legal sports betting and legal online US sportsbooks in the state.


Betting OptionAvailable?
Retail BettingN/A
Online/mobile BettingN/A
DFS ContestsYES (no law passed)
RacetracksYES (1933)
LotteryYES (1984)
Online CasinosN/A
PokerYES (1911, 1980s)

State Betting Compared to Other States

Legal sports betting is expanding rapidly across the United States – could California be next? Regulated sports betting tends to move in groups of states at once. For example, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon all now have legal mobile sports betting. That leaves California isolated on the west coast.

Gamblers living near the state borders in CA can easily cross into one of those neighboring states armed with their mobile phones and place bets. That means a lot of tax dollars being missed by the State of California.

We predict that California sportsbooks will follow the model seen in other states like Nevada and Arizona. In-person registration won’t be necessary, although tribal casinos may require you to be on casino property when you place bets. If external operators are allowed access to the California sports betting market, it could mean legal mobile betting from anywhere in the state.  

Why Bet on Regulated Betting Sites for California?

Regulated Californian betting sites could be live soon in the Golden State. We outline some of the differences between unlicensed and regulated sportsbooks to keep you safe.


Regulated Sportsbooks

Secure deposits every time
Reliable and trustworthy software
Bonuses paid out in time
Welcome bonuses may be small

Offshore Sportsbooks

Deposit match bonuses can be huge
Wider variety of sports markets to bet on
Larger retention bonuses
Unlicensed operators with no due diligence
Little protection for your security or money

How to Safely Bet on California Online Sportsbooks

Follow our top five tips for a safer gambling experience.

1. Play at Reputable Sportsbooks
We recommend you only bet with sportsbooks that are licensed in the Golden State and open to California residents only. That way you can be sure the sports betting sites are regulated and have proper customer support for CA players.

2. Always Set a Budget
Sensible bankroll management is an essential part of sports betting in California. Never bet more than you can afford to lose and always plan your stakes sensibly.

3. Read the Bonus Terms & Conditions
Sportsbook bonuses are a great way to earn extra cash. Always read the terms and conditions to ensure you understand any wagering requirements.

4. Understand Your Bets
Online sportsbooks offer a massive range of bet types and markets. It’s easy to place a bet without understanding how the market works. That could easily lead to missed opportunities and losing bets. Most California betting sites will offer help pages showing you how each bet type works.

5. Open Accounts with Multiple CA Sportsbooks
There’s nothing to stop you setting up an account at more than one online sports betting site. It’s a good way to take advantage of multiple welcome bonuses and the most competitive odds.


Sports Betting in California Summary - Top Things to Know

1. Sports betting in California is not legal. The November 2022 ballot will include questions on legalizing sportsbooks.

2. You will need to be 21 or over to bet on sports in California.

3. California’s tribal casinos may end up owning licenses for sportsbooks in the Golden State.

4. CA sportsbooks will let you bet on major US sports and some college sports.

5. You can claim a welcome bonus when you open your CA sportsbook account.


California Sports Betting FAQ

No. Sports betting in California is still illegal in 2022. However, there are several initiatives to legalize and regulate retail and online sportsbooks in California.

FanDuel daily fantasy sports accepts customers in California. The FanDuel sportsbook could launch in California as part of a first wave of legal sports betting sites.

DraftKings fantasy sports is available in California. DraftKings is also one of several US sportsbooks that is keen to launch in a regulated California sports betting market.

The only way to bet on the Super Bowl in CA is to travel to a neighboring state that has legal sports betting, such as Nevada or Arizona. You can bet on Super Bowl futures, bet pregame or place in-play wagers on the game as it happens.

Many top sportsbooks are primed to offer the best online sports betting in California. Several of the main sports betting providers such as BetMGM and DraftKings are proposing licensed sports betting in the Golden State.

California sports betting laws currently prohibit sportsbooks. However, both retail and mobile or online betting websites could launch in 2023 as part of new legislation.

No. There are currently no legal online sports betting apps available in California. However, CA residents are able to sign up to unregulated sportsbooks based offshore.

We predict a meaningful California sports betting bill could arrive in late 2022 or early 2023. However, it rests on what happens in the November 2022 ballot. Several proposals for legalized sports betting have support but they depend on what resistance comes from powerful tribal casinos.

Are you wondering what sports betting apps are legal in California? There are no legal mobile sportsbook apps for Californians in 2022. We predict that the best sports betting app in California will offer bonuses, 1000s of markets and the best loyalty programs right here in the Golden State. We'll have to wait for the launch to see more details about the sports betting app California.

There are no legal California online sports betting sites in operation in 2022. A number of offshore sportsbooks accept CA residents but we never recommend gambling on unlicensed sports betting sites.

Responsible Betting in California

Online sports betting sites in California will adhere to responsible gambling targets. You’ll have access to an existing range of problem gambling hotlines and support networks. We recommend CALPG.org (California Council on Problem Gambling), which offers support via text and hotline. Free counselling is available 24/7.


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