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Published: Aug 13 · 13 min read
Updated: June 2nd, 2022

Formerly known as, MaximBet Online Sportsbook is the new name in the state of Colorado. The new name, MaximBet Online Sportsbook, came after Carousel Group formed a global strategic partnership with Maxim. The original sportsbook, , launched in September 2020. For those who already play at, nothing about the online sportsbook will change as it appears, other than the name itself. This online sportsbook is partnered with Johnny Nolon's Casino, which is located in Cripple Creek.

Part of the partnership includes MaximBet having ambitions to expand further across the country.

The welcome bonus is beginner-friendly Customer service could be improved
Sport offerings Limited banking methods
Brand new rebrand

Sports Betting at MaximBet

Players can play MaximBet Online Sportsbook on desktop, mobile apps, and on mobile web browsers. When you arrive at the site, you'll be able to observe the entirety of the online sportsbook on a single page without scrolling up and down. You'll be able to visibly see all of the games offered, including live games, your bet slip, promotions offered, and a help section.

Signing Up for a MaximBet Account

Creating a MaximBet Sportsbook account is perhaps the most succinct registration process we've come across on a sports betting platform. Everything to do with registration is done on one page and there is a bit of information needed collectively.

To register, players will need to provide their email address, a password, their name, date of birth, last four digits of their social security number, address, and telephone number. After this, you'll need to agree to the terms of service. There is no section for a promo code as no promo codes are seemingly used at MaximBet.

Beyond this initial registration, all you would need in order to enjoy sports betting in Colorado, is to actually be located in the state of Colorado. To determine this, MaximBet Online Sportsbook has geolocation software that will ask to access your information in correlation to your IP address. If you’re in the state after this registration, you’ll be able to start betting.

On rare occasions, the system may be unable to prove your identity from this information. If this happens, you'll need to upload a photo of your government-issued identification (license, passport, etc.).

Also note that if you have ever played at, the account you used for that is also valid for MaximBet Online Sportsbook. If a player attempts to create a second account, you will be at risk of both accounts becoming permanently banned as this violates the terms of service.

Deposit Methods

Players at MaximBet Online Casino will have three methods of deposit to choose from. These methods include Visa/MasterCard, ACH, and Skrill. Each of these sportsbook payment methods has a minimum deposit amount of $10. All deposits will fund your account almost instantaneously. All methods of deposit are performed right on the deposit screen. You will not need to log in to a different site outside of MaximBet Online Sportsbook.

The noticeable method that is missing is PayPal. PayPal is perhaps the most popular method of depositing online sportsbooks. The process is convenient and simple to execute. Expanding more methods of depositing will help attract even more players in the future.

Withdrawing Your Winnings

Of the three methods to deposit, two of them can also be used to withdraw. This includes ACH and Skrill. After submitting a withdrawal request, approval should happen within one business day. After this initial approval, players should receive funds within 1-5 working days depending on the method used.

In order to withdraw, players also need to have their accounts verified. To get your account verified, you must upload proper documentation.

While the desire to protect customer's funds is definitely applauded, this is a bit on the extreme end to go through to be able to withdraw your winnings.

MaximBet Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

MaximBet Sportsbook Offers

MaximBet Online Sportsbook offers some intriguing promotional offers outside of the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus itself, though, is one that will definitely appeal to new players, especially new players who may be hesitant to invest a plethora of money right away.

The welcome bonus is a 100 percent deposit match up to $1,000 on your first deposit. In order to access the bonus funds (free bets), players must complete a 5x playthrough. This is for the deposit and bonus combined. So, if you deposit $1,000, you'll get $1,000. To be able to withdraw the $1,000 free bet credits, you'll simply need to wager $1,000 on the site. No MaximBet Sportsbook promo code is required.

Additionally, players will have access to more funds on the first deposit only.

Here's how it breaks down, according to the promotion itself. No MaximBet Sportsbook promo code is required. Once you make your first deposit MaximBet will match it 100% up to a maximum of $1,000. 

Beyond these offers, there are other things such as bonuses for MLB games, parlay bonuses, and ways to earn free bet credits.

MaximBet App

Available for iOS and Android devices, we examined the mobile app first on iOS. To get the app, it is available at the App Store. Still, under the name, the app had a seriously low rating, below 2 out of 5 stars. In using the app, we couldn't exactly find anything that warranted such a low overall rating, with one exception.

The app has a third-party source that is used for location services. This is something that should be fixed and likely will be after the rebrand. That is a quick way to turn customers away as they are not familiar with the third-party, more than likely. Nowadays, most online sportsbooks have that integrated into their own apps.

With all of that said, the app does a nice job of bringing that desktop to feel to mobile. This type of consistency will make it easier for the user. When a player can become familiar with either desktop or mobile first and then swap to the other platform with ease, that creates a much more easy-going environment.

The app is not demanding on your mobile device whatsoever and is responsive. As far as other issues or bugs, we did not encounter any during the time of this MaximBet Online Sportsbook review.

When the full rebrand occurs, expect some overhauls and improvements everywhere, including the mobile app.

MaximBet Loyalty Program

Expiring at the end of August, MaximBet Online Sportsbook offered a program called "Summer Gains". This allowed players to earn points for different types of bets. These points could then be turned in for Free Bet Credits. This is a system that could very well return in the fall with the start of the NFL season, or once the rebrand takes full effect.

Sports and Markets Available at MaximBet Sportsbook

Product Coverage

 United States

Sports Available at MaximBet

MaximBet Online Sportsbook covers just about every kind of sport you'd be interested in to place bets on.

The list includes the following:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing/MMA
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Motor Sports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

For most Colorado-based bettors, this variety of sports will cover the bases. In Colorado, there are popular professional franchises such as the Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, and Denver Nuggets in the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA, respectively.

With all of these sports, there are multiple ways to place bets, too.

Here are the wagering options:

  • Moneyline:This is betting on a contest without any spreads involved, simply picking a winner outright.
  • Spread: The spread is the number of points designated for a contest to help offset the superiority/deficiency of each team. Compared to moneyline, these odds will likely be more favorable but have that added spread element. For example, if the Broncos are +4 against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Broncos either need to win outright or lose by no less than 3.5. If the Broncos lose by 4, the bet is a "push". This will result in you getting your wager back only.
  • Parlays:This allows for players to engage in multiple wagers on multiple contests or sporting events on one betting slip. You can involve different sports and different types of wagers. For example, on one ticket, you could bet the Broncos +4 and the Avalanche -1. For parlays to win, though, you need both "legs" of the ticket to win their respective bets.
  • Round Robbins:This allows for multiple parlay options to be created. This way of sports betting is helpful because you can win your money back should a single parlay win, more than likely. So, if you pick three contests and use the round robbin sports betting option, it will create various combinations of parlays.
  • Props:This is sports betting on micro-events within a larger event. For example, passing yards that the quarterback will have during the game.
  • Futures:If you have ever wanted to wager on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl at the start of the season, this type of bet is a futures bet. It's betting on events that will happen in the future and be determined at a later date.
  • Totals:Perhaps you're unable to reach a conclusion on which single team to wager on. That's fine, you can always wager on the combined score of the game. Also known as over/under, totals represent the number of points combined for each time and whether you believe the teams will outscore that projection or score less.
  • Live Betting:We will discuss more live betting in the features section.

MaximBet Odds & Lines

Looking at the odds and lines at MaximBet Sportsbook compared to other competitors, everything is fairly on par with one another or within a few points. There are some sportsbooks, especially with futures, that you may get chances here and there to take advantage of more favorable lines due to slow adjustments.

However, with the competition from sportsbook to sportsbook, it's difficult for a sportsbook to get away with egregiously bad lines. With that, for day-to-day wagers, you will not need to feel as though you should have to compare odds while placing bets at MaximBet Sportsbook. You'll find some of the best odds here.

MaximBet Online Sports Betting Contests

As of right now, there aren't any active contests for players to engage in. However, this is a common type of promotional offer that MaximBet Sportsbook will also likely take part in. These include things such as leaderboards. Bettors will soon start placing bets on the NFL and this will open up many opportunities for various contests to pit fellow MaximBet Sportsbook players against one another!

MaximBet Sportsbook Features

The more features at online sportsbooks the better. There are many different opportunities for online sportsbooks to stick out from the pack, but there are also ones that need to be included to simply stay in the running. Let's explore what MaximBet Sportsbook has to offer.

Live Betting

Live betting is a way for players to wager on contests that are actively in progress. This could be because you didn't get to wager before the game on time, or you couldn't make an overall decision about which team to wager on. You can wait for the first few plays, see if the game-time decision injured player is out on the field, and bet accordingly with live betting.

Odds Boosts

This feature allows for players to potentially win even more cash. Under the Odds Boosts section, you will find a selection of contests put there by MaximBet. This will take some format of a bet, and increase the odds.

This will help the bet get more action but is also an opportunity for you to capitalize and make a bit more money. The current Odds Boost option is the Alabama Crimson Tide to win the CFP National Championship. These odds were +275, now it has been boosted to +400 with a maximum bet of $25.

Cash Out

Sometimes we need to know just when to throw in the white flag and admit that the bet is lost. In the past, you would need to take the loss on the chin and move on. With Cash Out, players can exit a bet before it is over, collects a portion of the funds, and move on. This also works for winning wagers, too. You can exit a bet, win a bit more money (not as much as if the bet was seen through), and move on to another contest. This feature helps keep your virtual wallet intact and avoid losing all of your money.

User Experience

MaximBet Online Sportsbook is straightforward in design, but the aesthetic really brings a modern touch that makes it more professional and fun to play on.

To the left of the page, you will see the various sports listed, which ones are popular, your recently viewed contests, and other options such as the home page, which events are live at the time you're on the site, promotions, news, the help center, and Responsible Gaming.

In the middle of the page, you will see the various sports and odds listed, headlined by a search bar. This can be used to find sports teams or sports themselves. You will also find an ad carousel, advertising various offers that could be beneficial to you.

Lastly, the betting slip is found on the right-hand side of the page. This populates as you input more selections. The different bet types will become available, such as parlays, live bets, and round robbins, too.

When we initially arrived to review the sportsbook, maintenance was being done. Sure, it can be frustrating waiting for maintenance, but this shows a commitment to resolving issues. Other than this, the platform operated with ease, with no lag or long loading times between pages.

An already suitable platform, combined with maintenance will only lead to a more successful product as time goes on, especially with the MaximBet rebrand.

States of Operation

Under the name, the online sportsbook was only available in Colorado. However, with the rebrand, there will be plans to expand even further. No longer will MaximBet Online Sportsbook only be available to those in Colorado, in due time.

MaximBet Colorado

  • Availability: Mobile sportsbook and retail partner
  • Land-Based Partner: Johnny Nolon's Casino
  • License: Colorado Division of Gaming

Originally launching in September 2020, arrived in the state of Colorado which was still relatively new to online sportsbooks in general. In order for an online sportsbook to operate, there must be a land-based partner. This is either retails casinos or retail sportsbooks.

In this case, it is Johnny Nolon's Casino. Fast-forward to less than a year from originally kicking off,'s parent company, Carousel Group, formed an alliance, and now we can look forward to MaximBet Sportsbook. With this, there will be a name change and likely an emphasis on expanding sports betting outside of Colorado.

Customer Support

MaximBet Online Sportsbook provides a variety of customer support methods. There are so many different avenues to go down to help resolve any and all issues you might have.

  • FAQ: This is a standard customer support method when it comes to online sports betting. There are multiple sections related to various aspects of having a MaximBet sports betting account. Usually, this section will cover the betting questions asked by players, but sometimes more help is needed.
  • Request a Callback: Under the support contact bubble (found in the bottom left-hand corner of the page in the help section), players will be given three additional options. One of those is to request a callback. This is a great feature because a lot of times online sportsbooks will have a phone number to contact, but that involves you calling. Conversely, this option puts it on MaximBet to call you.
  • Live Chat: This option is available 24/7. In our experience, the agent was responsive and quick to assist. We ran a sampling of this by reaching out and asking about withdrawal methods. The query was answered within a minute and it took no time at all!
  • Leave a Message: This is essentially an email or submitting a ticket. You'll provide your name, email, the subject, and a message. From here, you will receive an email back.
  • Social Media: MaximBet Sportsbook also opens up social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as points of contact for support. In this day and age with online sportsbooks, most people are using those apps throughout the day, so it only makes sense to send a Facebook message or Twitter/Instagram direct message to get assistance!

Bet Responsibly

Found in the upper left-hand corner, or in the Support Desk section of the site, you will find the Responsible Gaming page. Responsible Gaming pages, regardless of what sportsbook you are playing at, are dedicated to helping users who may be enduring betting addictions.

At MaximBet Sportsbook, this section touches on that and more.

The first section displayed is in regard to protecting minors from playing at MaximBet.

Next, there is a section all about setting up limits on your account. These limits include bet limits, deposit limits, and time limits. Each sub-section walks you through how to set these up.

The Responsible Gaming page here also touches on how betting can impact those around you, tips that can help, recognizing the problem, and also allows players the option to take a short time out from the site, or self-exclude themselves from online sports betting, which is an extended period of time.

Players can also reach out to customer support. No, these are not licensed professionals when it comes to betting addictions, but they can provide resources both nationally and locally to help. It's MaximBet Online Sportsbooks' commitment to ensuring that its players exist in a safe online sports betting environment.

Our Verdict on The MaximBet Online Sportsbook

While the promotional offers may not be the most lucrative, there is something to be said about what kind of initial audience it is targeting—new players. While you will find a welcome bonus consisting of four figures at other online sportsbooks and more can be appealing, it often comes with playthrough amounts that require 10x or even 30x that amount to access the bonus funds (free bets).

That is not the case with MaximBet. With the rebrand, if the mobile app can integrate its own location services software, add some more payment methods, and address the low ratings for the app, this will be a sportsbook that Colorado should embrace and play at. Even in its current state, we highly recommend playing on the platform.

Available Hours:24/7
Phone:+1 720 713 3522


Yes, players can win real money at MaximBet Online Sportsbook and withdraw via ACH or Skrill.

MaximBet Online Sportsbook is currently operating in Colorado.

As with most online sportsbooks, there is a chance you're able to cancel a bet if you contact customer support ahead of time. However, do note that this is not 100 percent guaranteed to happen.

You must be 21 years of age. This is the requirement for the majority of online sportsbooks.

While you can access MaximBet Online Sportsbook from anywhere, you must be physically located in Colorado in order to place a real money wager.

Currently, there doesn't appear to be an online casino offered, but that could change in the future.



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