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Our experts have tested and reviewed the best Pennsylvania sports betting apps available. Use this guide to find your favorite PA sports betting apps.

Trusted Pennsylvania Sports Betting Apps

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Best Pennsylvania Betting App for Odds Boosts

The BetMGM Sportsbook Pennsylvania app has been around since December of 2020. It provides an excellent and personal mobile betting experience for Pennsylvania sports bettors. We get spreads, parlays, and more for all the local teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, the Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Steelers, and more. 

BetMGM Pennsylvania offers props, parlays, and spread bets on events such as the Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, and World Series.

Promotions are constantly updated and fairly easy for you to use. Live streaming options are available in all four major sports and others to boost engagement. I always enjoy a few more sports to wager on.

The platform grants Pennsylvania bettors some of the better boosts in the state. The deposit match feature attracts new users to BetMGM for their betting needs. A deposit match simply allows us to add money to their account, and BetMGM then matches that amount.

The Same Game Parlay+ allows users to increase parlays from multiple games. GameSense also educates bettors, which works on mobile and desktop devices. It helps wagerers like me to know my limits and options to cool off when needed. Gambling addiction can happen to anyone.

Platforms:iOS, Android
App Store Rating:4.8
Google Play Store Rating:4.5
Download Size:258.5 MB
Live Streaming?:Yes
Universal App or State-Specific?Universal

Pennsylvania App Store User Review:

I have had my disagreements with MGM and their business model towards customers, but the MGM app is one of the better Pennsylvania sports betting applications out there. But don't get too excited because many of the others flat out stink. It used to have more features that MGM did away with. For example, when you clicked on a game or an event, it used to show you all of the bets you previously made on the game so you knew where you stood. They took that out and the way MGM presents sorts and shows your pending Bets is a disgrace on MGM ad it's impossible to find anything. They don't think of the customer when they take away features like that, so that's why it's a four out of five. MGM could do better, but they don't.. they spend all their money on celebrity commercials instead of strengthening, their business models, and focusing on the customers they have is my general observation of MGM, but the app is fine if you keep track of your own bets, don't rely on MGM to help you. 

Another thing they did was an update around Fourth of July weekend. During this update, any previous bets you had before July 2023 disappeared from the app and they never fixed it. They just don't care about the customer and there's a prime example. That's really poor customer service. MGM gets one star, the app gets three. (Sept. 8, 2023)

Pennsylvania Google Play Store User Review:

Best app in pa (Jan. 2, 2023)

Best Pennsylvania Betting App for Pittsburgh Penguins

The BetRivers Sportsbook PA app offers solid promotions and competitive odds to sports bettors in Pennsylvania. Their bonus promotions are often state-specific and the operator has physical locations in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. That gives wagerers more choices in all four major sports and beyond. 

Their partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins allows for more NHL betting options for parlays, spreads, live betting, and more. You can even get special boosts on the Flyers-Penguins rivalry, known as the “Battle of Pennsylvania,” during the hockey season.  

Sports markets are listed prominently on the top of the app in trending order. The live streaming option is visible on the side for bettors to view events. 

On the right side of the app, I enjoy viewing the list of recent winners because they list all amounts large and small. 

Platforms:iOS, Android
App Store Rating:4.4
Google Play Store Rating:3.8
Download Size:233.7 MB
Live Streaming?:Yes
Universal App or State-Specific?Universal

Pennsylvania App Store User Review:

By far the best sports betting, casino, signup bonus, referral bonus, and customer service. DraftKings and Fanduel are close, but BetRivers is my favorite. I had an expired referral, but they overrode it and gave me my bonus. The slots are great. The sportsbook is great. Love this casino in person. Don't waste your money anywhere. Come here. Payouts are quick, too, and easy sign up. All around A+

Pennsylvania Google Play Store User Review:

It's in the bottom tier of sports books. There are no early cash outs, unclear promos, and lacking props. There are also geolocation errors. There is so much potential here. However, there are 0 customer-friendly perks. Customer support is friendly but often tells you the app is what it is.

Best PA Sports Betting for the Philadelphia Flyers

The Betway PA Sportsbook app is amazing for soccer and hockey. Trending teams on the top of their app are geared toward Pennsylvania franchises when you bet from the Keystone State, so the Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Union of the MLS are heavily promoted. 

Betway is even partnered with the Philadelphia Flyers and therefore offer special offers focused on the team during the hockey season. 

Betway does not forget the other side of the state, including the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers.

For me, the app updates for sporting events among the best in the business. Updates often come seconds before DraftKings and even FanDuel.

Betway's early cashout features give bettors a leg up before a bet goes south, and Betway Sportsbook PA allows for up to 10-leg same-game parlays. 

Platforms:iOS and Android
App Store Rating4.5
Google Play Store Rating4.0
Download Size:80
Live Streaming on Mobile?:Yes
Universal App or State-Specific?Universal App

Pennsylvania App Store User Review:

The app works great and has every feature all the bigger Sports betting apps have . 1 thing your able to deposit money with bank or credit card but are UNABLE to withdraw with bank or credit card . 2 takes several hours for your winnings to show onto your balance . 3 I did not receive my bonus bet of 150$ onto my account and I read terms and conditions and i qualified. I would just like to say thank you and if I can have my bonus bet

Pennsylvania Google Play Store User Review:

So, I switched from Fanduel to Betway, and boy, what a move it's been! You know, I caught sight of their adverts during Premier League soccer games – those flashy boards that light up the stadium – and it intrigued me. I use Betway specifically for betting on soccer games. Their platform provides such an immersive experience, especially regarding soccer betting. The in-play odds and the variety of markets they offer for soccer matches are fantastic.

Best Pennsylvania Betting App for Rewards

The Caesars Sportsbook PA app provides a Vegas-like experience for sports bettors through its rewards program, which provides incentives whether a user wins or loses. Bettors can enjoy the atmosphere of betting at the Caesars Vegas sportsbooks without going there. 

The Caesars Rewards program is the big ticket. The rewards accumulated can be used for VIP experiences, game tickets, credits, bonuses, and more. Imagine getting tickets to a boxing match in Las Vegas; that is possible with Caesars Sportsbook. 

Caesars Sportsbook PA app deposit features are easy to use. Betting promotions are listed at top of the app, along with trending same-game parlay quick picks. This means users in Pennsylvania can bet on their favorite teams easily. 

Caesars Sportsbook offers various betting options for the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates, including parlays, props (player and team), and multiple sports parlays. 

Platforms:iOS, Android
App Store Rating 4.7
Google Play Store Rating4.3
Download Size:237.7
Live Streaming on Mobile?:Yes
Universal App or State-Specific?Universal

Pennsylvania App Store User Review:

Now, when I’m trying to build a live spread parlay, the app continually crashes or just gives me nonsense error messages, and I have to clear my entire parlay and start remaking it, which can be very tedious with this app’s early 2000’s looking UI. Now it’s set up such that if the odds aren’t accurate (for example, when you, the player, see a good bet), the app locks it down to adjust it over the course of multiple minutes (something that can be critical when trying to live bet on sports) and they, therefore, crash your parlays.

Pennsylvania Google Play Store User Review:

It is user-friendly for beginners, offers lots of reward Points, offers fast deposit withdrawal, and is a secure platform. The dark background is comfortable for someone like myself who needs contrast. It is user-friendly for beginners, offers lots of reward Points, offers fast deposit withdrawal, and is a secure platform. The dark background is comfortable for someone like myself who needs contrast.

Best Pennsylvania Betting App for Prize Pools

The DraftKings Pennsylvania app has a knack for knowing the wants and needs of a state’s sports betting public. From college sports to professional, the app carries something for everyone. For PA bettors, the app covers all areas of the state from the Flyers, 76ers, and Eagles in Philadelphia to the Panthers, Penguins, and Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Promotions are constant throughout the seasons and prominently featured for championship events such as the World Series and NBA Finals. Betting on the Stanley Cup is possible too. In terms of betting markets, I can live bet up to 19 sports at any one time. 

DraftKings clearly lists everything at the top of its app, from promotions to same-game parlays. At the bottom of the app, in-game options, rewards, user bets, and a search option are easily accessible. DraftKings’ ability to offer DFS and prize pools gives users additional ways to play.

Platforms:iOS, Android
App Store Rating:4.8
Google Play Store Rating:4.6
Download Size:156.4
Live Streaming?:Yes
Universal App or State-Specific?Universal

Pennsylvania Apple App Store User Reviews:

DraftKings has a seamless user interface that makes it easy for me to use. Its many options, from live betting to prop bets and more, rank second to none. With competitive odds and promos, DraftKings is a great place to wager on sports.

Pennsylvania Google Play Store User Reviews:

There are plenty of interesting prop bets! I can bet on good things on my favorite teams, even when I think they may lose! And I can still win!

Most Popular Pennsylvania Betting App

The FanDuel Pennsylvania app is the gold standard for Pennsylvania sports bettors. When you click on our link above, you can qualify for bonus bets with your very first wager. Bonuses and odds boosts are available for existing users as well. The site covers 18 sports for live streaming, including the Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers, and Panthers, along with the Philadelphia 76ers, Eagles, and Flyers.

Their MLB betting same-game parlay boosts for the Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates are excellent and easy to access. Those Dinger Tuesday wagers are definitely a boost to my bankroll. To me, that makes FanDuel even more attractive.

Security is top-notch with two-factor authentication and geolocation. If you are in the state, FanDuel will know. The interface makes betting on any and all sports easy. 

Depth of the market gives a bettor like myself access to betting on anything from ladder bets to parlays and more, all with the click of a button. 

Platforms:iOS, Android
App Store Rating4.9
Google Play Store Rating4.7
Download Size:184.7
Live Streaming on Mobile?:Yes
Universal App or State-Specific?Universal

Pennsylvania Apple App Store User Reviews:

FanDuel was one of my state's top two best apps during the first month of legal sportsbook betting. It offered many exciting specials, boosts, and engaging bonuses. However, as soon as the first month ended, and I’m guessing they decided they’d hooked anyone they were going to, it basically dried up on those.

Pennsylvania Google Play Store User Reviews:

Fanduel is a good betting app. Some things can be tweaked, like if there is an injury before the bet, the entire bet should be voided. I don't think continuing the bet is fair because that one injury can transform the entire game.

Best New Pennsylvania Sportsbook App

The Fanatics Sportsbook PA app finally entered the state's sports betting market. It officially launched on January 22, 2024.

The app focuses on Philadelphia teams like the Phillies, Flyers, Eagles, and Pittsburgh teams like the Steelers and Penguins. 

Fanatics is one of the best new sports betting sites in the market. It attracts bettors with enticing promotions, including bonus bets and deposit matchesLive streaming and in-game betting are also offered. search and discover functionality makes wagering easy, as app users can bet directly from search results.

For me, the standout feature of Fantatics Sportsbook app is FanCash, a rewards program that allows bettors to apply a percentage of their wagers toward purchasing merchandise or redeeming bonus bets. 

Platforms:iOS, Android
App Store Rating4.7
Google Play Store Rating4.5
Download Size:284.1
Live Streaming on Mobile?:Yes
Universal App or State-Specific?Universal

Pennsylvania Apple App Store User Reviews:

The interface is solid, and boosts/bonuses have continued past the typical first month of offers. Odds are fairly competitive, and bets are very easy to find. Developers are eager for input and are even receptive to my suggestions.

Pennsylvania Google Play Store User Reviews:

I decided to give 5 stars because Fanatics Sportsbook gives different types of prompts, like the free spins every other day, which a lot of other sites rarely do. The profit boots help a lot, especially when I'm in a downfall, but mostly, the free spins—no other sites can beat that. Like FanDuel, Draft Kings, and Bally's, no other sites offer as much as Fanatics Sportsbook does. Thank you, everyone at the Fanatics Sports Bet team. I take my hat off for you. Great work!

More Sportsbook Apps in Pennsylvania

List of All Betting Apps in Arizona

Here is the complete list of all legal sports betting apps operating in Pennsylvania:

How We Rate & Review Pennsylvania Sports Betting Apps

Our recommendations for Pennsylvania sports betting apps are based on those regulated and licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. 

The board ensures every operating sportsbook complies with the sports betting laws, allowing everyone a safe and level betting environment. Every game of chance must be registered with the PGCB.

Licensing involves thoroughly assessing and examining the operator's integrity, financial stability, and compliance with Pennsylvania’s gambling laws.

After confirming the PA betting app's licensing and legitimacy, we examine these other important factors:

Pennsylvania Sports Coverage

We examine how the individual Pennsylvania betting apps cover local sports teams and events, from Philadelphia teams to Pittsburgh franchises and everything in between, ensuring bettors can access comprehensive local sports betting options.

App Store & Google Play Store Ratings

We carefully consider user feedback and ratings on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to gauge the app's reliability, user experience, and overall player satisfaction.

Sports Betting Promotions

Our reviews examine the many sportsbook promotions offered on PA betting apps, including welcome bonuses, bonus bets, and extra incentives that boost betting value.

red glowing gift box

Betting Markets

We examine all betting markets available, looking for Pennsylvania sportsbook apps offering a wide range of sports, game lines, and in-play betting options.

App Features

Crucial features like live betting, ease of deposits and withdrawals, customer service, and the app's overall usability are vital criteria for the evaluation process.


We take security extremely seriously. Therefore, we assess measures each app utilizes to protect user data, focusing on encryption standards, geolocators, and the app’s compliance with industry security protocols.

How to Download & Install PA Sports Betting Apps

To claim the welcome offer, remember to click the sportsbook’s “Bet Now” link on this page first. Then, follow the instructions to sign up.

For iPhone App Users in Pennsylvania

  1. Open the App Store on your mobile device or iPad. 
  2. Search for any one of the apps above. 
  3. When you find the app, click “Get” to initiate the download.
  4. Open the app, log in to your account, or sign up for a new one. 

For Android App Users in Pennsylvania

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device. 
  2. Find the app you want to use.
  3. Click “Install” to initiate the download.
  4. Open the app and create an account or log into your existing account. 

Comparing Pennsylvania Betting Apps vs. Retail Sportsbooks

Pennsylvania features retail sports betting books and online apps, allowing bettors flexibility in placing their wagers. Seven retail sportsbooks are currently available in the state.

Retail sportsbooks deliver an atmosphere where you can eat and drink, but using betting apps like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars is much more convenient, and I can go into the refrigerator down the hall. 

Convenience & Accessibility

Pennsylvania sports betting apps utilize geolocation technology, so you can bet from anywhere within state lines, whether at home or a friend’s house. 

Apps also provide incredible flexibility, allowing users like me access to several apps at once. That way, I can compare odds across several online sportsbooks and choose the best lines for the bets I want to make. At retail locations, on the other hand, bettors are restricted to using odds provided by a single operator.

Being signed up at multiple betting sites also gives me access to more promotions. You generally won’t find promotions to take advantage of at a retail sportsbook.

Live Betting & Streaming

Betting live allows us to make wagers while the numbers are right in our view.

Mobile apps provide abundant live betting features, allowing users like me to get into the game with the latest information. Plus, you can execute bets quickly with apps, which is critical when live betting

Live betting isn’t nearly as convenient at retail sportsbooks - assuming it is available at all. 

User Experience

The best sportsbook apps keep betting simple with a clear layout that leads to a solid user experience. You can place wagers with ease, quickness, and confidence.

Current updates give bettors up-to-date information, while filters and customization allow them to tailor their preferences.

Apps also often provide guides, support, and tutorials that help newcomers. Meanwhile, responsible gambling tools on apps enable all bettors to stay in control. 

With convenience and ease of use, you can enjoy sports betting on mobile apps without driving long distances. 

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