Best States To Build The Perfect Summer Bod

Date IconLast Updated: Jun 9th, 2023
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Best States To Build The Perfect Summer Bod

From improving your health to simply feeling more confident in your reflection, the advantages of working out are numerous. Building muscle mass is an attainable goal for every American, enabling them to achieve physiques like their favorite athletes, even without the same level of professional facilities.

Aside from looking good, the physical condition of athletes and sports people plays a vital role in their performance and ultimate success - which then has a significant impact on results and sports betting outcomes.

With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time for people to showcase their hard-earned gains at the poolside or even use them as an ideal excuse to visit a nearby beach (depending on which part of the nation you’re in).

After finishing their morning protein shake, the research team at set out to discover the best states to build the perfect summer body. They did this by analyzing five different data points to create a Summer Bod Score for each state. The first three were ‘per capita’ calculations, measuring the number of popular gyms, professional dieticians, and licensed personal trainers in every state. The final two points measured the affordability of gym memberships, and common high-protein food items.

Sweat In South Dakota For Your Dream Physique


When all the different factors are considered, South Dakota Is The Best State To Build The Perfect Summer Body. While not being the national leader in any of the five categories analyzed, it performed well across all of them - particularly when it comes to gym availability and cost. This all culminated in a Summer Bod Score of 72.7 out of 100.

Which States Have Prime Facilities To Get In Summer Shape?


The runner up spot (No. 2) is shared by two statesNew Hampshire and Wisconsin, with both earning a final score of 72.2. The Granite State rated highly in terms of personal trainer availability and the affordability of high-protein foods. Meanwhile, in the Midwest, residents of Wisconsin have one of the highest concentrations of popular gyms to choose from.

In No. 4 is North Dakota. Like the three states above it, The Peace Garden State doesn’t top any of the five measured metrics but still ranks in top half for almost all of them. This adds up to a final Summer Bod Score of 70.2 out of a possible 100.

Montana (69.0) and Nebraska (67.3) are in No. 5 and No. 6, respectively. Big Sky Country leads the U.S. for personal trainer availability and is only behind Kentucky for gym membership affordability — but other categories pull down its final rating. The Cornhusker State performs respectably across the board, while not threatening the summit in any sections.

The Toughest Places To Craft Your Ideal Body


At the other end of the scale, Alaska is the Toughest State To Build The Perfect Summer Body. With a Summer Bod Score of 20.8 out of 100, The Last Frontier has the second most expensive average gym membership cost in the nation while not ranking in the top half of any of the other categories analyzed.

Tennessee is in No. 2. The Volunteer State has one of the lowest ratings in the gym membership affordability and high protein food cost categories — with all five sections culminating in a final score of 27.7.

Not far back in No. 3 is Maine (28.2). The Northeastern state has the nation's third lowest number of popular gym locations when compared to its population. 

New York (30.6) is the No. 4 toughest state to build your ideal summer physique in, while Hawaii (34.3) is No. 5.


  • ranked the Best States To Build The Perfect Summer Body by ranking these five points in each one:
    • Gym Choice: Number of locations (per capita) for the five most popular gym chains in the U.S. (according to Statista) — taken from each gym chain’s official site.
    • Gym Cost: Cost of a monthly membership - taken by finding the average of two figures from Statista and Numbeo (inverted - the lower the cost, the higher the score).
    • Dietician Availability: The number of licensed nutritionists & dieticians (per capita) — taken from the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics.
    • Personal Trainer Availability: The number of exercise trainers and group fitness instructors (per capita) — taken from the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics.
    • Protein Food Cost: The combined cost of four high protein food items: a dozen eggs, a pound of beef, a pound of chicken, and one liter of milk - taken from Numbeo (inverted — the lower the cost, the higher the score).
  • All five data points were measured out of 100 using the PERCENTRANK formula, and an average was found to create a ‘Summer Bod Score.’ States were ranked from highest to lowest final score.
    • Per capita calculations were completed using population statistics from World Population Review — all data was collected and correct on June 2, 2023.