Indiana Sets Record for Sports Betting Handle in January

Indiana Sets Record for Sports Betting Handle in January
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January was a record-setting month for the Indiana sports betting market.

The state posted a monthly handle record of $500.1 million for the month, up 8% from December’s $463 million and 43.6% higher than January 2021’s $348.2 million. Indiana’s previous sports betting handle high came in November 2021 when the state took in $463.7 million in bets.

Indiana also set a new mobile handle record with $465.5 million worth of wagers placed online, an 8.3% increase from December’s $429.8 million and 53.6% higher than January 2021’s $303.1 million. November 2021 held the old record for online handle at $430.1 million.

January’s sports betting revenue (taxable adjusted gross revenue) in Indiana was $35.6 million, 38% higher than December’s $25.8 million and up 21.3% from January 2021’s $29.3 million.

Indiana’s sports wagering tax for the month was $3.4 million, an increase of 38% from December’s $2.4 million.

Total January casino win (tables plus EGD) came to $190.1 million for January, while taxable AGR for gaming was $174.1 million.

Indiana Sports Betting, January 2022 vs. December 2021

Total handleMobile handleRevenue (taxable AGR)
Change Up 8.0% Up 8.3% Up 38.0%

Plenty of Action for Record Month

January is routinely one of the more active sports betting months of the year. NFL betting is going strong with the regular season winding down and postseason kicking off. Then there’s NBA, NHL and college basketball seasons being in full swing.

Indiana has plenty of rooting interest in the state with the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL, Indiana Pacers in the NBA and the Indiana Hoosiers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Purdue Boilermakers the biggest draws in college basketball.

Indianapolis was also home to the College Football National Championship, which saw the Georgia Bulldogs defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide 33-18 at Lucas Oil Stadium on Jan. 10.

Indiana iGaming Stalls

Two bills, House Bills 1337 and 1356, aimed to legalize iGaming in Indiana. Under the legislation, online games such as poker, slots, blackjack and “gambling games typically offered in a casino” would be authorized statewide. But according to a spokesperson for Indiana Rep. Alan Morrison, those bills died in the committee.

“Those bills did not pass their committee by the deadline,” the spokesperson said in an email sent to “However, language from those bills could potentially appear in other bills still going through the legislative process. So, there's still a chance they could become law in some form.”

HB 1337 would have permitted licensed owners of riverboat casinos and racetrack permit holders to conduct and manage interactive gaming. The bill also would have repealed the historic district community support fee required for casinos and racinos in Indiana.

If it were passed, HB 1356 would have allowed online casino wagering to be, starting in July for licensed riverboat casino owners, in addition to operating agents of a riverboat casino in a historic hotel district and permit holders at racetracks in Indiana.

A study, commissioned by iDEA Growth and the Casino Association of Indiana, estimated that the state would raise nearly $500 million in new tax revenues with iGaming.