While December West Virginia Sports Betting Slides, iGaming Sees Big Increases

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While December West Virginia Sports Betting Slides, iGaming Sees Big Increases
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Online gambling in West Virginia in December 2021 saw a dip in mobile sports betting handle and revenue compared to November 2021, but there were substantial jumps in both handle and revenue in iGaming during December compared to the previous month.

Although NFL betting was still going strong in December, the college football season was left with bowl games giving bettors fewer games and opportunities.

WV Sports Betting Handle & Revenue, Dec. vs. Nov.

Total handleMobile handleRevenue
Change Down 10.3% Down 12.3% Down 1.7%

Note: West Virginia reports numbers weekly rather than by calendar month. December represents Nov. 28 to Jan. 1; November represents Oct.31-Nov. 27.

WV Sports Betting Handle Slips

For sports gambling overall, the December total was about $74.5 million, that was a drop of about 10.3% from November ($83.1 million).

The year-over-year same month comparison showed a 6.2% increase from December 2020 ($70.1 million). West Virginia has both retail sportsbooks and online wagering.

Examining the West Virgina mobile sports betting handle, December’s $59.76 million handle was down 12.3% from November’s $68.18 million but up 39.7% from December 2020’s $42.78 million.

Revenue and Taxes Down Just Slightly

The sports wagering revenue tumble was less dramatic month-to-month. In December, sports betting revenues were $6.18 million down just 1.7% from November ($6.28 million). In a year-over-year same month comparison, the sports betting revenue was down 4.5% ($6.47 million) from December 2020.

Taxes from sports betting dropped in December with a contribution of $525,066, down 1.7% from November ($534,214) and down 4.5% from December 2020 ($549,621).

IGaming Has Banner Month

West Virginia iGaming, which includes online casino games, had a stellar month in December with $280.45 million in handle, up 41.5% from November ($198.16 million). IGaming revenue also climbed in December coming in at $8.69 million, up 46.6% from November ($5.93 million).

Unlike many other states that report gaming revenues by calendar month, West Virginia reports numbers weekly. So, the “December” gaming financial figures above represent the time period of Nov. 28 to Jan. 1, while the “November” figures represent activity from Oct. 31 to Nov. 27.

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