Tips for a Winning Soccer Parlay Betting Strategy

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Tips for a Winning Soccer Parlay Betting Strategy

Fans of soccer betting know this is one of the most exciting ways to bet. Combining two or more wagers, known as a parlay, requires a big risk for the chance to win one big payout. But it’s important to use some smart betting strategy when you’re making soccer picks and parlays.

To win a parlay bet, all your predictions will have to be correct. Losing just one of your wagers means you’ll lose the whole bet. The unexpected twists and turns in this sport make the soccer parlay one of the riskiest bets you can make.

Stick to What You Know

When you’re building soccer parlays, stick to betting on games happening in soccer leagues that you already know and follow. It’s nearly impossible to put together a winning soccer parlay bet if you’re completely unfamiliar with the teams or league you’re considering betting on.

For example, if you’re a fan of the English Premier League, try building parlays in matchups between clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City. Avoid parlaying AC Milan with Chelsea if you don’t keep up with Serie A results and form.

Even if you follow the league, check the stats to be confident in your predictions before entering a parlay bet. Parlay picks that aren’t backed by the stats are likely to create a lot of uncertainty. Bad picks will produce unexpected outcomes and a greater risk of losing all the money you staked on the bet.

If you don’t feel certain of your soccer picks when betting parlays, check the latest stats. Make sure you’re not adding any uninformed bets to your parlay. Again, stick to what you know.

Avoid High-Risk Bets

Though some gamblers prefer the excitement of taking big risks, most people prefer to play it safe. Avoid playing high-risk parlays at all costs. The more bets you add to your parlay, the riskier it will be. Limiting the number of teams that you put on your parlay will reduce your overall risk.

Soccer parlays boasting as many as seven or more picks might offer a huge payout but they’re high-risk bets that have a small chance of winning. Regardless of the potential payout from winning a 10-bet parlay, it’s best to avoid soccer parlays with so many picks.

Let’s say you place a 10-wager parlay bet, a really risky move with little chance of winning. Assuming the teams are evenly matched in the games you’re betting, the chances of a 10-bet parlay winning are 1,023 to 1. Those aren’t great odds.

The best way to parlay is to parlay smart. Make low-risk bets on no more than two or three teams. We suggest you try leaning on the safe side and make picks that are already favored to win. You could put together a 10-bet parlay and be correct about all but one of your picks and still lose.

Draw No Bet

Most top soccer sportsbooks will offer a draw no bet market. Also known as the 2-way moneyline, this market offers a moneyline with two options to bet on: Team A or team B. Adding these bets to a parlay is similar to adding standard bets on the match results, but they come with slightly better odds.

Most of the soccer betting featured at online sportsbooks will feature a 3-way moneyline market for every match, giving you three options to bet on. The odds in this market are split between bets on include team A, Team B and an option for betting on a tie – this is also known as a 1x2 bet.

When betting the Draw No Bet market, you only get a choice between either team winning. If the teams tie, your bet is nullified, so you don’t win anything but you get your original wager back, as though it never happened. Since there’s no way to bet on a tie in the DNB market, it gives you a slight odds boost when compared to the 3-way market.

Limiting parlay picks to either team winning also means that bets made on a team winning in a match that ends in a tie will be pushed. On a four-bet parlay, if you have one DNB and that match ends in a tie, that part of the bet is void. If the rest of the matches on your soccer parlay end as predicted, it’ll pay out like a three-bet parlay.

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Both Teams to Score Market (BTTS)

To take advantage of the best odds instead of just hedging your bets, try markets aside from the outright winner markets. The Both Teams to Score market is another really popular soccer betting market and it can turn out to be much easier to predict than outright winners.

That’s especially true if you have more than one match between some of the top scoring teams, like the EPL’s Manchester City and Liverpool. The chances of both teams scoring at least one goal during their matches are much higher because those clubs have some of the world’s best strikers.

Now, imagine a weekend with matchups between EPL teams like Tottenham and Manchester City or MLS Soccer teams like LAFC and Toronto. All four teams are known for their ability to rack up goals. The potential payout from a big BTTS parlay could be huge whenever the top scoring teams in soccer face each other during the same weekend.

For a safe soccer parlay bet, stick to bets on matchups between some of the top-scoring teams in their leagues. The BTTS market has great parlay potential as long as you’re betting on matchups between top-scoring teams.

For example, in the 2018-19 English Premier League season, Bournemouth scored 56 goals, the seventh most on the season, and allowed the third-most goals (70). Bournemouth finished 14th in the league overall. Having stats like that in hand can be an invaluable asset to betting on BTTS.

Though it is common for soccer matches to end 1-0, the BTTS is a good bet when the best teams are playing. When both teams have some of the top scorers in the game, you can expect that both teams will have a big chance to score at least one goal before it’s all over.

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