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La Liga, also known as the Primera Division, is the top flight of elite level Spanish soccer, equivalent to the Premier League, Bundesliga or Serie A. Though the Premier League leads the way in terms of betting, the best players still play in Spain.

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Popular La Liga Betting Markets

La Liga Betting markets generally don’t alter a great deal from the other major European leagues. You can find La Liga Odds on an array of outcomes, and some of the more popular free sports bets are included below:

Anytime Goalscorer | Very simply, this is a bet which is placed on the basis that a given player will score at any point in the match. The timing of any goal with this particular bet is irrelevant, as there are other markets in play which take into account whether a punter wishes to place a time on when a goal is scored.

La Liga odds for an anytime goalscorer bet will vary widely, and the shorter the odds, the more likely that player is to score. Obviously, value can be found by betting on those players who rarely find themselves on the score sheet. For example, if a defender, or even a goalkeeper decide to go upfield for a late set piece.

Half Time/Full Time | The premise of this very popular market is for the punter to correctly predict which team, if any, will be winning at half time and at full time. The same team can be picked in each case, or one team can be chosen to be leading at half time and the other at full time. There is also a draw option to be used, either in one half or the other, or both halves e.g. Draw/Draw.

It’s worth researching previous matches to determine whether a team is at its best in the first or second halves, and how often, if at all, they are able to come back to a winning position in the second half should they go behind in the first. Longer La Liga odds will be given to those teams with a poorer record in this regard and can fluctuate depending on current form. You can see this on PA sports betting sites for example. 

Pichichi/Zamora | Awarded at the end of the season to the league top scorer, and goalkeeper who has conceded the least, the markets for the Pichichi (top scorer) and Zamora (least goals conceded) remain popular throughout the league campaign. During pre-season, it’s worth shopping around at some of the sportsbooks to get value.

Have a look at the fixtures from the previous season and see if there tends to be a pattern as to when certain players score or concede more, and place strategic bets accordingly. As odds in this market also tend to go up or down directly after a game, this is often the best time to view the market and detect any significant movement.

Backing a La Liga Winner

Ostensibly, backing a winner for any league should be a relatively difficult task, given that there are some 20 teams to choose from, and there’s value to be found in this particular market if you stay away from Barcelona and Real Madrid. In the last 38 years, other La Liga sides have won the title on just nine occasions.

However, it’s worth studying European and late-season form from previous seasons to understand which of the rest will potentially give Spain’s traditional top two a run for their money, particularly in the business end of the season when they may be running out of steam. Pre-season player transfers can also often determine whether there will be a spike in La Liga odds for certain teams, so keeping one eye on that market may prove beneficial.

Transfer Specials La Liga Betting

La Liga trends for this type of bet are no different from elsewhere on the European soccer spectrum. Odds are given based on the projected probability of a player moving to a club during a defined period ie the transfer window.

Each summer transfer window will last from June 1 to August 31, and the winter window from Jan 1 until Jan 31, unless otherwise agreed, and often the market will move around, often wildly, during this time as more and more players are linked with various clubs.

However, it isn’t only during those periods that the markets are offered, primarily because of the popularity of this type of bet. Odds given before a window opens for example are, by and large, more attractive to the punter. Moves for big name players will almost always generate a market and, if asked, bookmakers may offer specials on lesser known exponents.

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