America’s Favorite Super Bowl Snacks

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America’s Favorite Super Bowl Snacks
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Calling all sports lovers. One of the most popular US sporting events is just around the corner. You guessed it. The Super Bowl is upon us, and over 100 million viewers are getting ready to tune in.

But with a typical viewing time of up to four hours, it’s no surprise many of us enjoy having some very special snacky companions. From chips and salsa to Tator Tots and queso, we all have a guilty pleasure that puts a little pep in our step and adds to our viewing pleasure. But which are the most popular across the states? Read on to see where your snack choices rank!

America’s Favorite Super Bowl Snacks

1. Chicken wings

Stealing the top spot with a jaw-dropping rank as favorite in nine states, chicken wings are Super Bowl viewers’ go-to nibble. Taking the crown in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin, this savory side-plate is making countless football fans’ mouths water. Whether you prefer them crispy or juicy, there is no question that this snack is finger-licking good.

2. Chips 'n' dips

In second spot is the ultimate grazing snack, chips 'n' dips. Regardless of which dip you choose, one thing we can all agree is that you will be going back for more. Standing on the second podium in eight states - from Arizona to West Virginia - this simple yet satisfying snack is sure to be sitting on the arm of our sofas during football season, perfect for your guests cheering on their team and the ones taking part in some NFL betting.

3. Fries

Winning bronze is fries! Crinkle-cut or skinny doesn’t matter, five states across the U.S. pick fries as their most popular. Taking home a medal in Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, this tasty snack is the perfect side to any main event.

4. Burgers

Coming in fourth as the favorite in Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi and Texas is take-out heavyweight: burgers! Which is some surprise considering its smaller sibling, sliders, won a measly top spot in just one state. This warm comfort food does boast several delicious factors though, including a soft bun, endless topping combinations and a juicy meat patty. 

5. Cookies

This sweet treat is also favorite across several states, including Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Utah. These viewers obviously favor sugary, chewy goodness. Yum!

6. BBQ ribs

Pork ribs are an utter staple across the states and are synonymous with Memphis, Tennessee. But across the board, this food was popular in a variety of places, including Indiana and Wyoming. The ideal blend of savory and sweet, this smoky snack is undeniably succulent.

7. Chili

Chili is definitely a hearty favorite. This is the perfect meal to curl up with on the couch, made up of mouth-watering spices, beans and meat, that you can adapt to your very own recipe.

8. Meatballs

Just like mama used to make! Meatballs are beloved for their versatility and can be an addition or focal point of any dish. Whether you add your own sauce or enjoy them as a topping, these spherical bundles of joy bull rushed the top spot in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

9. Ice cream

We all scream for ice cream! With an endless array of flavors, this refreshing dessert is sure to entice every member of the family.

10. Pizza slices

It’s not just loved in New Jersey and Ohio, pizza slices won the hearts of Connecticut and Massachusetts. This universally adored bite can accommodate even the pickiest of eaters. Whether you love or hate pineapple or opt for traditional cheese and tomato, this indulgent snack is sure to hit the spot.

11. Popcorn

Perfect for crunching and undeniably addictive, popcorn is a much-loved viewing companion. Available in countless flavors, it’s hard not to rustle the bowl for more.

12. Tater Tots

Everyone loves potatoes, and what’s better than a bite-size serving! Both crispy and fluffy, Tater Tots are hard to turn down.

13. Corn dogs

Enjoying them with sauce or alone, this nostalgic serving is the alleged brain-child of Pronto Pup of Rockaway Beach in Oregon. Wherever you live, corn dogs are less likely to be on your grocery list - but are still a much-loved cuisine! 

14. Sliders

Usually a hit, this party portion snack is satisfying while having the appeal of its older brother - the burger! They are popular on game day, so make sure there is enough for all your guests!

15. Subs & sandwiches 

Most of us enjoy a sub or sandwich, which is likely why they ranked so low! However, they still took the crown in California, where football fans and those firing up their sports betting apps obviously appreciate their customizable nature. 

America’s Favorite Super Bowl Dips

Undoubtedly, our quick bites need an accompanying dip to ensure the most delectable light refreshment. But which sauces do we turn to when we’re in need of a tasty condiment?

1. Ranch

Getting the "W," ranch snagged gold across the board, with an amazing 14 states voting for it to take the top spot. It’s surprising though that the condiment didn’t rank first in Alaska, where it was invented. However, it did steal the top spot in its inventor's home state of Nebraska. 

2. Salsa

Salsa was the runner-up, ideal to pair with the second-place snack, chips! Zesty and fresh, this well-loved dip is a delicious palette cleanser between bites.

3. Hummus

Love it or hate it, this chick-pea based blend managed to grab third place. Adored in California and Louisiana, this option goes well with veggies and pita. 

4. Buffalo chicken

Perfectly served with its namesake, this condiment is best drizzled over our top ranked snack - chicken wings! Buffalo chicken came out on top in Florida, yet it didn’t score well in its home town in New York. Oh, well! 

5. Pizza dip

This shareable dip is loved for its gooey consistency. However, it might not be a favorite everywhere. It only won out in four states! 

6. 7-layer dip

This crowd pleaser is an obvious party staple, made of layers of beans, guacamole, sour cream and cheese -- great for those just watching the game or enjoying some Super Bowl betting.

7. Bean dip

Beany, cheesy and delicious, this dip complements any bowl of chips. Super Bowl viewers in Kansas especially love it! 

8. French onion

An indulgent option, French onion dip only managed to please South Dakota. Dating back to the '50s, this condiment is made of onion soup powder and sour cream.

9. Guacamole

It’s surprising that guacamole ranked far down the list, considering the trend of avocados over recent years, but this reasonably healthy and flavorsome spread only earned a "W" in Hawaii.  

Let's have a moment of silence for some of our old faithful snacks that caught an "L" in this lineup. Scoring low were nachos, pretzels and potato skins, which didn’t make the cut across the states. We’ll save those for the movies. Other honorable mentions have to be queso and spinach artichoke, which sadly didn’t take home a prize in any of the states! We’re sure they have fans somewhere. 

Like us, if you’re hungry for insights, head on over to our blog for additional expert analysis. Happy snacking! 


To collect this data, we used Google Trends data based on the top votes for each state. This allowed us to rank the most popular snacks and dips in each state. All data is correct as of 01/16/2024.

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