Best MLB Prop Bets Today, BIG BONUS & MLB Player Props Today 06/07

Date IconLast Updated: Jul 27th, 2023
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Best MLB Prop Bets Today, BIG BONUS & MLB Player Props Today 06/07
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Best MLB Player Prop Bets Today:

On Wednesday, June 7, a thrilling lineup of 15 Major League Baseball games awaits, providing an array of captivating matchups. Our team of seasoned sports betting experts has meticulously analyzed the odds offered by the best online betting sites, ensuring we identify lucrative prop betting opportunities for you. 

To enhance your betting experience, we have also compiled a list of the finest MLB betting sites  on our platform, featuring exclusive bonuses and impressive features. By signing up with all three recommended sportsbooks, you can potentially receive up to $1,400 in bonus bets, adding to the excitement of your MLB prop betting journey tonight.

Now, let's delve into our expertly selected best MLB prop bets for today. Simply click on the banners below to access the fantastic bonus offers exclusive to Utilize these bonus bets to place your wagers before the first pitch tonight, and enjoy an elevated betting experience with the potential for substantial winnings.

Best MLB Prop Bet #1: Jaime Barria Over 4.5 K’s (-130) at BetMGM Sportsbook


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Barria is poised to record over 4.5 strikeouts for several compelling reasons. Firstly, over the past month, Barria has exhibited an impressive strikeout rate of 25.5% against batters for the Angels. Furthermore, his ability to limit opposing batters' success is evident from his low BABIP of .250 and his impressive 47.2% ground ball rate during the same 30-day period.

Notably, Barria has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in preventing extra-base hits, having not allowed a single one in the last month. Additionally, he has consistently kept his wOBA down when facing both left-handed and right-handed hitters. This trend indicates that Barria has the potential to go deeper into games, as pitchers who effectively achieve such outcomes tend to do.

Analyzing the Cubs' projected lineup further strengthens the case for Barria's success. Against right-handed pitchers in the past month, the Cubs' lineup has struggled, striking out at a rate of 25.6%. Impressively, eight of their batters have struck out at least 19.4% of the time against righties. Moreover, the Cubs have hit a high percentage of ground balls (46.5%) compared to fly balls (32.2%).

Considering these factors, it is highly likely that Barria will deliver a strong performance, surpassing the threshold of five strikeouts. The Cubs' lineup features five batters with a wOBA of .252 or worse, indicating a lackluster offensive performance. With Barria's impressive track record, it is evident that the Cubs will face significant challenges in generating offensive production against him.

Best MLB Player Prop: Barria Over 4.5 K's (-130)


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Best MLB Prop Bet #2: Bryan De La Cruz to hit a HR (+475) at bet365 Sportsbook


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There are strong indications that De La Cruz is poised to hit a home run in tonight's game. Following an impressive performance in May, where he maintained a batting average of .337, De La Cruz has continued his hot streak into June. He has recorded hits in five out of six games, including a home run, resulting in a solid .333 batting average for the month.

De La Cruz's overall batting average for the season now stands at .300, showcasing his consistency at the plate. In the upcoming game against the Kansas City Royals, they will be sending Jordan Lyles to the mound, a pitcher who has struggled with an 0-9 record and a high 9.89 ERA on the road.

Notably, Lyles has exhibited a noticeable split in his performance, allowing right-handed hitters to bat .262 against him, compared to left-handed hitters who fare slightly better at .231. This bodes well for De La Cruz, as he has demonstrated solid hitting proficiency in various situations. He has maintained a .315 batting average at home and a commendable .295 average against right-handed pitching throughout the season.

Moreover, the Miami Marlins, De La Cruz's team, have been performing exceptionally well recently, taking advantage of favorable matchups. They have swept the Oakland Athletics and won two out of three games against the Kansas City Royals so far. The team's momentum and determination heading into tonight's matchup suggest that they will continue to perform at a high level.

Considering Lyles' recent struggles, including allowing four or more earned runs in three of his last seven starts, the stage is set for De La Cruz to capitalize on this opportunity. With all these factors aligning, it is highly enticing to consider placing a bet on De La Cruz to hit a home run tonight, with odds set at +475.

Best MLB Player Prop Bet:  De La Cruz to hit a HR (+475)


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Best MLB Prop Bet #3:  Zack Wheeler UNDER 8.5 strikeouts (-145) at DraftKings Sportsbook


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There are compelling reasons to believe that Wheeler will fall short of recording over 8.5 strikeouts in his upcoming matchup. Firstly, Wheeler is facing the Detroit Tigers, a team that has struggled to generate runs, scoring only three runs in the previous 18 innings of the series. The Tigers have exhibited a relatively low strikeout rate of 24.5% against right-handed pitching, ranking them sixth-best in the league to exploit for strikeouts. Additionally, the Tigers have only one player in their lineup with a strikeout rate below 20%. While there are some potential strikeout opportunities within the Tigers' lineup, the 8.5 strikeout benchmark appears overly ambitious.

Examining Wheeler's performance statistics further supports the notion that he is unlikely to exceed 8.5 strikeouts. He currently boasts a respectable 26.9% strikeout rate and a 13.1% swinging strike rate (SwStr), indicating his ability to induce swings and misses. However, in his twelve starts this season, Wheeler has only managed to record nine or more strikeouts in two of those outings. In the majority of his starts, specifically nine out of twelve, he has tallied seven strikeouts or less, which falls a full strikeout below the set line of 8.5 strikeouts. Despite the favorable matchup against the Tigers, it is clear that the line of 8.5 strikeouts for Wheeler is unreasonably high.

Considering the Tigers' relatively low strikeout rate and Wheeler's historical performance, it is highly unlikely that he will surpass the 8.5 strikeout mark. While the matchup appears favorable, it is essential to acknowledge the statistical evidence suggesting that the set line is unrealistic.

Best MLB Player Prop Bet: Zack Wheeler UNDER 8.5 strikeouts (-4)


Zack Wheeler UNDER 8.5 strikeouts (-145)!!!



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