Best MLB Prop Bets Today, BONUS Offers & Expert Analysis for 05/26

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Best MLB Prop Bets Today, BONUS Offers & Expert Analysis for 05/26
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Best MLB Player Prop Bets Today:

Prepare yourself for a thrilling Friday night in MLB as we present you with a selection of the best MLB prop bets carefully chosen by our team of experts. We have gone the extra mile to analyze the MLB odds provided by our trusted sports betting sites, combining them with our own projections to uncover exceptional value in the prop-betting market.

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With our expert analysis and the abundance of resources at your disposal, you will be well-prepared to navigate the dynamic landscape of MLB prop betting with confidence. Uncover hidden gems and seize lucrative opportunities that others may overlook. Guided by our insights, your journey into the world of MLB prop betting promises to be both exhilarating and rewarding. Get ready to swing for the fences and experience the thrill of prop betting like never before!

Best MLB Prop Bet #1: Yoshida over 0.5 singles (-135 at BetMGM Sportsbook)

Our focus for the Red Sox is on the impressive Masataka Yoshida, who has made a remarkable debut in the MLB this season and has an excellent opportunity on Friday night.

Analyzing the first two months of the season, it has become evident that Yoshida excels when facing fastballs but can struggle against breaking balls. This knowledge gives him a significant advantage whenever the Red Sox encounter a pitcher who heavily relies on their fastball.

Tonight's game aligns perfectly with this scenario as Brandon Pfaadt predominantly throws fastballs, using them over 50% of the time. Hitters have had considerable success against Pfaadt's fastball, boasting a .347 batting average and a .309 expected batting average. In comparison, Yoshida has excelled against fastballs, maintaining an impressive .342 batting average, while struggling with breaking balls, posting a mere .162 average.

Considering the abundance of fastballs Yoshida is likely to face tonight, we are confident in our Red Sox vs. Diamondbacks player prop prediction. Our pick is Yoshida recording over 0.5 singles, which comes with -135 odds at BetMGM. With his proficiency against fastballs and the matchup at hand, Yoshida has a strong chance of achieving this feat and contributing to the Red Sox's success.


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Masataka Yoshida Red Sox

Best MLB Prop Bet #2: Aaron Judge Over 1.5 Total Bases (-110 at bet365 Sportsbook)

Get ready for an electrifying matchup as Joe Musgrove takes the mound for the Padres. Musgrove's performance over the last 30 days hasn't been stellar, with a 6.06 xFIP and a high percentage of line drives allowed. He's struggled against right-handed hitters, giving up a .481 wOBA and .345 ISO to the last 33 righties he faced. Additionally, his strikeout rate against righties has been low, while line drives have been a challenge for him.

On the other side, we have Aaron Judge, a formidable right-handed hitter who has been on fire lately. In his last 63 plate appearances, Judge boasts an impressive .521 ISO and a .544 wOBA. With a substantial sample size to support his performance, Judge has been consistently crushing right-handed pitching.

Given Judge's recent success and Musgrove's vulnerabilities against righties, it's highly likely that Judge will record over 1.5 TB in this game. And don't be surprised if he unleashes a powerful home run as well. Get ready to witness Judge's offensive prowess in action!


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Best MLB Prop Bet #3: Mitch Keller Over 6.5 Strikeouts (-122 at DraftKings Sportsbook)

Mitch Keller is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Tonight, he enters the game with immense potential and has been showcasing his ace-like qualities on the mound for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In comparison to last season's modest numbers, Keller has taken a massive leap forward this year. His strikeout rate has surged to an impressive 30.7%, accompanied by a 10.0% swinging-strike rate and a 30.1% called plus swinging-strike rate (CSW%). These figures reflect a significant improvement in Keller's performance, indicating that he has truly come into his own.

Notably, Keller has been consistently pitching deep into games, approaching the 100-pitch mark regularly. This provides him with ample opportunities to accumulate strikeouts and bolster his stats.

Tonight, Keller will face the Seattle Mariners, a team that has struggled against right-handed pitchers, with a high 25.0% strikeout rate, ranking them among the fifth-worst in the league in this category. This favorable matchup sets the stage for Keller to build upon his strong start to the season and continue his dominance on the mound.

With his increased strikeout potential and a favorable opponent, it's highly likely that Keller will record over 6.5 strikeouts in this game. Keep a close eye on Keller as he unleashes his formidable arsenal and continues to make a statement with each pitch.


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