Best MLB Prop Bets Today: Get Bonus for MLB Action Tonight 05/22

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Best MLB Prop Bets Today: Get Bonus for MLB Action Tonight 05/22
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Best MLB Player Prop Bets Today:


Monday night brings forth a packed schedule of MLB games, and our team of experts has meticulously identified the finest MLB prop bets across the best online betting sites.

By leveraging our projections and thoroughly analyzing the MLB odds provided by BetMGM Sportsbook, we have pinpointed numerous opportunities for you to discover value within the prop-betting market.

For a comprehensive overview, you can also explore the best MLB betting sites featured on our site. This will provide you with access to the top sportsbooks, allowing you to take advantage of their bonuses and other enticing features.

With our expert analysis and the wealth of resources available, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the MLB prop-betting landscape and maximize your chances of finding lucrative opportunities.

Best MLB Prop Bet #1: Bailey Ober Over 5.5 Strikeouts (+112 at BetMGM Sportsbook)

Bailey Ober is primed to deliver an impressive performance tonight, particularly in terms of strikeouts, thanks to a favorable matchup against the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants have shown a propensity to struggle against right-handed pitchers, making them an ideal opponent for Ober. In fact, they currently possess the fifth-worst strikeout rate (24.8%) when facing righties this season. Their susceptibility to strikeouts is even more pronounced on the road, where their strikeout rate jumps to 27.0%, ranking as the second-worst in the league.

Ober himself boasts impressive strikeout numbers, with a 24.1% strikeout rate, a 12.0% swinging-strike rate, and a 26.4% called plus swinging-strike rate (CSW%). These figures have translated into consistent performances, as evidenced by his recording six strikeouts in each of his last four starts. Moreover, he has been given the opportunity to pitch deep into games, as he has thrown at least 91 pitches in three of those starts. This indicates that he is unlikely to be pulled prematurely, further bolstering his potential for strikeouts.

Considering the Giants' struggles against right-handed pitchers and Ober's consistent performance, he is poised to capitalize on this advantageous matchup and continue his trend of accumulating strikeouts. This presents a strong case for Ober surpassing the 5.5-strikeout mark in tonight's game, making it an enticing proposition.


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Best MLB Prop Bet #2: Luis Castillo Over 7.5 Strikeouts (-120 @ bet365 Sportsbook)

Tonight's matchup sets the stage for Castillo to deliver an exceptional performance, particularly in the strikeout department. The Oakland Athletics, rank tied for 22nd in wRC+ (87) and boast the highest strikeout rate (26.2 K%) against right-handed pitchers this season. In the past 14 days, they also find themselves tied for 19th in wRC+ (90) and carry a 25.7% strikeout rate.

In contrast, Castillo has established himself as a strikeout machine, especially when pitching at home. Since joining the Mariners last year, he has made 11 starts at home, spanning 67.1 innings. During this period, Castillo has averaged an impressive 11.4 strikeouts per nine innings and boasts an impressive 33.1% strikeout rate. Notably, in those 11 starts, he recorded 7, 10, 8, 9, 8, 6, 6, 9, 8, 5, and 9 strikeouts, surpassing the 7.5-strikeout mark in seven of those outings.

Considering the Athletics' vulnerability to strikeouts and Castillo's prowess as a strikeout artist, it is highly likely that he will carve up their lineup and accumulate strikeouts tonight. Additionally, the odds for Castillo's strikeout over are notably favorable at bet365 Sportsbook., with a mere -120 juice compared to other platforms. This further enhances the attractiveness of placing a wager on Castillo surpassing the 7.5-strikeout mark.

With a favorable matchup and enticing odds, Castillo is poised to dominate the Athletics and rack up strikeouts in tonight's game.

Best MLB Prop Bet #3: Edward Cabrera To Record a Win (+165 at DraftKings Sportsbook)

The Miami Marlins have managed to maintain a winning record and stay in the hunt in the NL East. This positive trajectory could continue as they embark on a favorable stretch of games, with seven of their next eight series against teams below .500, including their current opponent, the Colorado Rockies.

Edward Cabrera, although young, possesses immense potential and a promising future. His repertoire of pitches has the ability to confound opposing hitters, often leading them to fall into a state of uncertainty and struggle. With a strikeout rate ranking in the 86th percentile and an impressive whiff rate in the 93rd percentile, Cabrera showcases his ability to generate swings and misses effectively.

As for the Rockies, they arrive with an average strikeout rate but possess the tenth-worst whiff rate in the league. This factor bodes well for Cabrera, as his knack for inducing swings and misses should give him the advantage against an opponent that struggles to make consistent contact.

Considering the favorable circumstances and Cabrera's promising skill set, it is reasonable to expect him to secure a win against the below-average Rockies. The Marlins' upcoming series against teams with subpar records presents an opportunity for Cabrera to shine and contribute to his team's continued success.


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