Best MLB Prop Bets Today | MLB Player Props and Bonuses June, 8

Date IconLast Updated: Jul 27th, 2023
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Best MLB Prop Bets Today | MLB Player Props and Bonuses June, 8
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Best MLB Player Prop Bets Today:

Today's Major League Baseball games offer an exciting lineup of matchups. Our expert sports betting team has thoroughly analyzed the odds from best online betting sites to find lucrative prop betting opportunities for you. 

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Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Angels

Best MLB Prop Bet #1: Drew Smyly Over 4.5 Strikeouts (-130) at BetMGM Sportsbook


Thursday's matchup between the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Angels presents a challenging scenario for both teams. The Cubs are aiming to avoid a series sweep by the Angels during their three-game road series, and one crucial factor for the Cubs' success lies in stifling the Angels' batting prowess.

The Angels, known for their power-hitting approach, currently rank 19th in strikeouts this season with 539 strikeouts. Their lineup relies on the performances of their two star players and several role players who aim for big hits. In the previous two games, the Cubs managed to exploit this vulnerability by forcing the Angels to strike out at the plate ten times in each game.

The Chicago Cubs are renowned for their pitching strength, boasting a roster of reliable pitchers. Among them is Drew Smyly, who has showcased a solid performance this season with a 3.56 ERA across 65.2 innings pitched. Smyly is poised to deliver an impressive showing against the Angels' inconsistent batting lineup.

Considering the Angels' penchant for striking out and Smyly's reliable form on the mound, it is highly probable that Smyly will surpass the 4.5 strikeout mark in this matchup. The Cubs' ability to exploit the Angels' tendency to strike out, combined with Smyly's skill set, sets the stage for a strong strikeout performance by the Cubs' pitcher.

Best MLB Player Prop: Drew Smyly Over 4.5 Strikeouts (-130)


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Houston Astros vs Toronto Blue Jays

Best MLB Prop Bet #2: Whit Merrifield Over 0.5 RBIs  (+180) at bet365 Sportsbook


Let's shift our focus to Whit Merrifield and explore why he is likely to surpass 0.5 RBIs. Despite ranking seventh among Toronto Blue Jays hitters with 24 RBIs, Merrifield has the potential to increase his RBI count, especially if he maintains his impressive batting average of .296. Notably, Merrifield has demonstrated exceptional contact ability, as evidenced by his 25 consecutive plate appearances without a strikeout and his position in the 80th percentile for whiff percentage.

In the first seven games of June, Merrifield has been on a tear, slashing an impressive .348/.444/.435 and already tallying three RBIs. Additionally, half of his RBIs have come from the sixth spot in the batting order, where he consistently hits behind All-Stars such as Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Matt Chapman. This favorable lineup positioning enhances Merrifield's opportunities to drive in runs.

Furthermore, Merrifield has been finding success at the plate, recording at least one hit in seven of his previous nine games. Now, he faces Houston Astros left-handed pitcher Framber Valdez, whom he has had success against in the past. 

Merrifield boasts five hits in ten at-bats against Valdez, including a home run. It is worth noting that Valdez ranks in the bottom 12th percentile in allowing hard contact, and his xERA of 3.85, compared to his actual ERA of 2.17, suggests he is likely to experience regression. This presents a favorable scenario for Merrifield to capitalize on and drive in runs.

Considering Merrifield's consistent contact ability, his recent strong performance, and the advantageous matchup against Valdez, it is highly likely that Merrifield will exceed 0.5 RBIs in today's game.

Best MLB Player Prop Bet:  Merrifield Over 0.5 RBIs(+180)


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Philadelphia Phillies vs Detroit Tigers

Best MLB Prop Bet #3:  Zack Wheeler UNDER 8.5 strikeouts (-140) at DraftKings Sportsbook


Let's give it another shot today. In yesterday's article, we discussed the cancellation of the Tigers and Phillies game due to a smoke advisory. However, today we'll refocus on Zack Wheeler and his expected performance. Wheeler is set to face the Detroit Tigers, presenting a promising opportunity for him. In this series, the Tigers have managed to score only three runs in 18 innings, indicating their struggles at the plate.

When it comes to strikeouts, the Tigers have exhibited a 24.5% strikeout rate against right-handed pitching, which ranks as the sixth-highest in baseball. Although there is the potential for strikeouts in their lineup, it's worth noting that only one player in their roster has a strikeout rate below 20%. 

Hence, while there are opportunities for Wheeler to record strikeouts, the current line of 8.5 strikeouts seems too high given the circumstances.

Wheeler himself has displayed a solid 26.9% strikeout rate and a 13.1% swinging-strike rate (SwStr). However, it is important to consider that in his twelve starts this season, he has only achieved nine or more strikeouts in two of them. In fact, he has been limited to seven strikeouts or fewer in nine out of his twelve starts, falling an entire strikeout below the projected line.

Considering the favorable matchup against the Tigers, it is understandable to expect a strong performance from Wheeler. However, based on his season's performance and the Tigers' lineup tendencies, it seems unreasonable to set his strikeout line at 8.5.

Best MLB Player Prop Bet: Zack Wheeler UNDER 8.5 strikeouts (-140)


Zack Wheeler UNDER 8.5 strikeouts (-140)!!!



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