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Looking to get more bang for your puck? The key to a successful ice hockey betting strategy is an understanding of the available markets, and the willingness to put in some in-depth research.

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What Should You Consider When Betting Ice Hockey?

Most Bet on Ice Hockey Events

So What Markets Should You Bet?

You know the moneyline, the puck line and over-under, but what about other types of bets can you make in ice hockey? Plenty. There are lots of "futures" bets you can make, including the ongoing, ever-changing odds for the Stanley Cup winner.

That goes for the KHL, the Worlds, pretty much every league. Before the start of every NHL season, many bookmakers post odds on individual trophy winners.

Do you think Alexander Ovechkin will win the NHL goal-scoring trophy (the Rocket Richard Trophy)? There's a bet for that. Then there is the world of prop bets, in-play betting. These can be almost anything.

Do you think a certain player will score a goal in tonight's game for the Maple Leafs? There are bookmakers who gives odds on that and other goal markets for pretty much every top player on a team in any given game.

Keep in mind: shootout goals do not count for betting purposes for individuals. But, you can bet whether you think a player will score on a shootout goal or not.

Which team will score the first goal? You can make a prop bet on that. You can bet the "grand salami", which is an over-under on the total number of goals scored by ALL NHL games on a given night.

You can expect more prop bet categories to materialize as hockey becomes a bigger part of the sports betting world.

Top Ice Hockey Leagues to Bet On

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