2021-2022 NFL Divisional Futures: Odds to Win Each NFL Division

2021-2022 NFL Divisional Futures: Odds to Win Each NFL Division
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While the NFL is bracing to tackle a second season amidst COVID-19 restrictions and a pending fourth wave, we are in hopes that this season won’t completely mirror the 2020-2021 season with injuries, players and teams sitting out with COVID-19, and more. These challenges made it incredibly difficult to bet on NFL games and NFL futures, such as which teams will win their respective divisions.

NFL divisional futures are a type of futures wager that allows you to predict the winner of the division months in advance. Each team will be listed with the latest odds on how likely they are to take the division title, and your job is to correctly predict the winner of a division, or all divisions if you feel like you can accurately predict them!

The NFL regular season kicked off on September 9th, 2021, and runs until January 9th, 2022, which is when you would see your divisional titles futures paying out. The season expanded this year to a 17-game season, adding one more game for each team. All teams will play the other three teams in their division twice, then one game against four other teams within the conference, and then play three other teams from the other conference.

NFL Divisions


AFC North

We are predicting that the race to win the AFC North will be tight, to say the least. The Ravens seem to be the favorite thus far, with the Browns not too far behind. There is definitely some star power on these teams that could make it anybody’s title for the taking.

Baltimore Ravens +100

We will start with the favorite to win the AFC North in 2021-22. After Lamar Jackson led the Ravens to their first playoff win under his watch, the Ravens look to make it a little further in 2021-22. Last season was challenging for the Ravens with injuries and having players sit out games due to COVID-19, but they look to this season to right the ship. They made some key offensive pickups in the off-season, which made them the top favorite to win the division by the best betting sites.

Cincinnati Bengals +2500

The Bengals didn’t do anything drastic in the offseason to help their case to win the division or even make the playoffs. They picked up a few solid offensive players like Ja’Marr Chase, but we don’t see that being enough to propel them into the playoffs this year. As long as Burrow can stay healthy and the team can capitalize on opportunities, they may do well but we just don’t see them as AFC North division title holders this season – and neither do the oddsmakers.

Cleveland Browns +155

The Browns finished third in the AFC North in 2020-21 and have seen the greatest improvement in their odds to win the division for this season. With some solid off-season pick-ups like Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, John Johnson III, and Jadeveon Clowney to the likes of Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., and Nick Chubb, the Browns are actually looking pretty good this year. They are right behind the Ravens on the oddsboard, but we will have to see how they do their first few weeks play out in order to determine if they’re worth the risk.

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Pittsburgh Steelers +475

The reigning AFC North champions saw the biggest drop, and the odds are not too respectful of the titleholders thus far. After a 12-4 season, the oddsmakers have the Steelers poised to finish third in the division after the offensive line lost a few key players and there are some serious concerns about how much Roethlisberger has left in him. The 39-year-old quarterback is entering his 18th season, and despite saying he feels better than ever since his elbow reconstruction, he is the oldest quarterback in the division by a landslide and ranked fourth after Jackson, Mayfield, and Burrow.

AFC East

For the better part of the last two decades, the AFC East has always been Patriots division for the taking – that is, until Tom Brady headed south. Now, we are seeing teams like the Bills and Dolphins rise up and collect some great records. This division could be a tight race, but we like the Bills to take the title for the second year in a row.

Buffalo Bills -200

Josh Allen walks into the 2021-22 season with a shiny new contract after leading the team to a 13-3 season making the Bills the heavy favorite this year. After falling to the Chiefs in the AFC Conference Championship, they certainly earned the respect they’ve lacked the past 20 or so years. The Bills are due for a repeat season, as long as Allen remains healthy and he can keep feeding Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, and Devin Singletary. New to the squad this season are Greg Rousseau and Boogie Basham, who they acquired at the Draft.

Miami Dolphins +375

The Miami Dolphins looked good last year but were overshadowed by the Bills rise. They went 10-6, which is a fantastic feat for a team who was smothered by the Patriots for so many years in the AFC East. With Tua Tagovailoa at QB, they certainly have a shot to give the Bills a run for their money.

New England Patriots +350

New England sent the media by storm in August, announcing Mac Jones as their new starting quarterback and releasing Cam Newton. The Pats have a long way to go to prove they deserve that title again, but Belichick has a way of making money moves in the offseason, so we should definitely keep an eye on Patriots odds and how they move throughout the season.

New York Jets +6600

Lastly, the Jets continue to build, with a new coach, new quarterback, and a few new additions sprinkled in. Is it enough to propel them to the top of the AFC East? Probably not, but we think the numbers will improve for the Jets throughout the season and they could impress us with a decent record by the end of the regular season.

AFC South

For once, the AFC South could be one of our more interesting divisions to watch. We have the Titans heavily favored to take the title, but we also have a first-round draft pick, Trevor Lawrence starting for the Jags. Not to mention we have Carson Wentz over in Indianapolis who should settle right into Philip Rivers’ seat.

Houston Texans +1400

The Texans have been steadily declining year after year, and now with Desean Watson’s legal issues hampering the Texans offense, we look to Tyrod Taylor. We don’t expect big things from the Texans this season, and neither do the oddsmakers – they are a huge longshot.

Indianapolis Colts +225

Wentz taking over at quarterback should be a great sign for the Colts this upcoming season, but we are questioning if he can stay healthy. If he can make some of that 2017-esque Wentz magic happen (pre-injury of course) we could see some serious potential for the Colts to give the Titans a run for their money in the AFC South. Wentz will have more talent to work with in Indy than he did in Philly, so this might work out quite well for Colts odds to win the title.

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Jacksonville Jaguars +1400

Trevor Lawrence was drafted first overall by the Jaguars at the NFL Draft and immediately was bolstered as the team’s QB1. However, a fresh new quarterback joining a team that was hands-down the worst team in the league last year isn’t quite the vote of confidence a new-to-the-NFL player needs. Thankfully, under the guidance of Urban Meyer, they might stand a chance heading into the new season.

Tennessee Titans -200

The Titans are pretty heavy favorites to take the AFC South division, and with the Jags and Texans not quite performing this season, we aren’t really surprised. Behind Tannehill and Derrick Henry, the Titans put up great numbers week after week and we expect them to have another 11-5 season (or better) to take the AFC South again this year easily.

AFC West

As much as we’d love to report that there’s a new favorite in town to win the AFC West, we can’t deny the Kansas City Chiefs and their back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. The biggest challenge the Chiefs will face this season is Denver, who they’ll face twice in the upcoming season.

Denver Broncos +475

Coming off a less-than-ideal season and finishing last in the division, it’s nice to see the Denver Broncos with some competitive odds to win the AFC West this season. The Broncos added some quality players in the off-season, picking up Patrick Surtain II to help Denver’s defensive backfield. Von Miller is also returning, which will further strengthen the Broncos defense and hold up to the likes of the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs -270

Speaking of the Chiefs, there are few teams that have been able to hold a candle to them the past two seasons, except for the Bucs of course. Under Mahomes, the Chiefs have built a force of an offensive line which has gotten them not only into the playoffs but to the Super Bowl in two consecutive years. All eyes will be on the current AFC West champions heading into the 2021-22 season, looking for their sixth consecutive AFC West title.

Las Vegas Raiders +1100

Their 2020-21 second-place finish in the division clearly had no impact on the odds for this season. The Las Vegas Raiders have the worst odds to win the division heading into the upcoming season despite making a few solid adds in the off-season with the likes of Kenyan Drake, John Brown, and Yannick Ngakoue. The real reason these guys aren’t getting huge numbers is because of what they’ve lost on offense. They are the true wild card of this division.

Los Angeles Chargers +750

New season, new coach. The Chargers are ushering in Brandon Staley and with BetMGM offering odds of +750 and expressing their confidence in the Chargers, it is not a surprise that they are the second-most likely to win the AFC West. The 2020-21 team had the talent, but the leadership was not there and now, the talented squad has the potential to be a real contender in this division.


NFC North

Despite the Packers off-season Aaron Rodgers drama, they are still the faves moving into the new season. However, this division could be anyones for the taking, especially if the Packers continue to gripe with Rodgers.

Chicago Bears +400

Under rookie quarterback Justin Fields, the Bears could have some serious potential moving into the 2021-22 season. The Bears also scooped Andy Dalton from the Cowboys, which makes for an interesting scenario. Dalton has not been a reliable play-caller in previous years, he finished the 2020 season for Dak Prescott who left with an injury, but as the franchise quarterback, Dalton didn’t stand a chance in Dallas. There are definitely some holes in the Bears’ offense, and starting Dalton just doesn’t seem like a division title-winning play.

Detroit Lions +4000

The longest shot in the NFC North are the Lions, who are going through yet another rebuild. We have Goff at QB, which should be great news, but he really doesn’t have a whole lot to work with on offense. We don’t have much to say about the Lions except to put your betting dollars elsewhere.

Green Bay Packers -232

Oh, the drama! All eyes have been on Aaron Rodgers in the offseason, who announced he wanted to leave the Packers. Rodgers makes or breaks this team, and if he had split, the Pack would likely be closer to the bottom of the NFC North barrel. The offensive line works well with Rodgers in it, especially when he has Davante Adams to pass to, alongside a few other offensive weapons. The question is, has Rodgers already checked out? It can’t be easy mentally to be on a team you desperately want to leave – only time will tell.

Minnesota Vikings +450

The Vikings could prove to hold some decent value in the NFC North this season. With the Packers drama, anything could happen and we expect that the Vikings could breeze past them and take the division title right out from under their noses. That is, if Kirk Cousins can remain healthy after taking a very public stance against the COVID-19 vaccine. If he manages to avoid coming in contact with anyone carrying the virus and stays off the COVID-19 list, we might be in business for a Vikes title. The offensive weapons are there in Thielen, Cook and Jefferson, but it’s ultimately up to Cousins to stay on that active list.

NFC East

The NFC East tends to be one of the closer rivalry divisions in the league, and we expect that we are finally going to see a season where all teams, or at least three of them, have a really good chance of winning the NFC East title after coming off an almost horrific 2020 season last year.

Dallas Cowboys -166

The Dallas Cowboys are our favorite to win the NFC East, especially with Dak Prescott returning from his injury. The pieces are falling into place in Dallas, and with weapons like Ezekiel Elliott, CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper and even Tony Pollard, Dak has no shortage of players to work with. We have three All-Pro level players on the offensive line returning from injuries as well – making the Cowboys offensive lines one of the strongest, if not the strongest, in the NFL. The division is Dallas’ for the taking.

New York Giants +900

Another team in the NFC East who battled injuries all season long, the Giants look to 2021 with optimism, having Saquon Barkley back in form and picking up a few solid offensive players in the off-season. The team isn’t quite at star-quality level, but it is mostly left up to Daniel Jones at quarterback. Is he equipped to lead a lackluster Giants team to a title?

Philadelphia Eagles +525

The Eagles come into 2021 with the furthest chance of winning the NFC East after a pretty terrible 2020 season. In true NFC East fashion, they had more injuries than they could handle in 2020, which led them to only winning four games total. Jalen Hurts will be the big question mark for the team: does he have the chops to get a few more wins this year? According to our 2021-22 NFL Win totals expert review, that’s a fact. He, with no doubts, has a few weapons in DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert, but is that enough to win an NFC East title?

Washington Football Team +350

The reigning NFC East title holders, the Washington Football Team have a great chance of challenging the Cowboys for the title this season. They have made a few improvements since last year, scooping up Ryan Fitzpatrick to replace Alex Smith and adding Curtis Samuel and Dyami Brown. The Washington defense should be strong enough to hold Dak Prescott back, and they also have the chops on their offensive line to protect Fitzpatrick on O.

NFC South

The NFC South is likely going to be in for another lackluster season. The division has the Buccaneers, the reigning Super Bowl champions, and it likely will be another easy pick up for Brady and co.

Atlanta Falcons +5000

Atlanta was given the opportunity to pick up a solid new quarterback in the offseason but chose to stick to veteran Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan definitely has his strengths but tends to err on the side of average. They did, however, use their fourth-round pick to acquire tight-end Kyle Pitts, who will help the offensive line but he isn’t going to be the team savior. The Falcons had the chance to make some changes in the off-season but fell short. We don’t expect them to hold a candle to Brady’s Bucs.

Carolina Panthers +550

The Panthers follow the same storyline as the Falcons: could benefit from a young, new quarterback, had an early draft pick, and stuck with their existing QB. Sam Darnold isn’t old, but he definitely doesn’t have that star quality. He could prove everyone wrong and capitalize in Carolina, but he has never managed to play a full season or had a QB rating above 90, so while we hope he proves us wrong – we just don’t see it happening. It seems that Christian McCaffrey is back and healthy this season alongside D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson. The weapons are there – but can Darnold do anything with them?

New Orleans Saints +425

It’s definitely weird writing anything on the Saints and not mentioning Drew Brees, but we better get used to it. The Saints now look to Jameis Winston, who put up some impressive numbers in Tampa Bay during his time there but also had some big flops (i.e. 30 interceptions, 42 turnovers, and 47 sacks) to round things out. The offensive line is still in good working order behind Alvin Kamara, however, Michael Thomas will be sidelined for several weeks with an injury. New Orleans has the tools to make a great playoff run, but let’s see if they can give the Bucs a run for their money for the division title first and foremost.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -285

The reigning Super Bowl champions are heavily favored to win the NFC South again this season as the team remained relatively intact with the addition of Joe Tryon. It is unheard of that teams retain all 22 starters from a previous season, but Tom Brady tends to be the super-glue that holds teams and dynasties together. The talent the Bucs have in each position is pretty astronomical and we don’t see the momentum for the franchise slowing down.

NFC West

The NFC West is a strong division led by solid quarterbacks. In 2020-21, the NFC West sent 15 players to the Pro-Bowl and is considered to be one of the more difficult divisions compared to other NFC divisions. This might be one of our closest battles and we really feel that the NFC West is where you’ll find some great value with sleepers and underdogs.

Arizona Cardinals +450

Even the least likely team to win the NFC West has fairly competitive odds. The Cardinals finished last season 8-8 under Kyler Murray and look to capitalize on that and win a few more games this year. We think the addition of A.J. Green and James Conner, alongside existing talent in Antonio Gibson and JK Dobbins will greatly help Murray in 2021.

Los Angeles Rams +185

The Rams are a close second in the race to win the NFC West, but we aren’t sure if Stafford is the man to lead the team to a title. This division is far too tight to say, but he does have a few serious weapons on offense to work with. The Rams defensive line remains strong with Defensive Player of the Year, Aaron Donald at the helm.

San Francisco 49ers +185

The 49ers are slight favorites to win the NFC West over the Rams, but we really aren’t sure how Jimmy Garoppolo will perform this season. He has been so-so since his Super Bowl appearance in 2019, and there is always the third-overall draft pick Trey Lance sitting in the wing. On defense, the 49ers look great, bringing back many of their starters and also having Nick Bosa returning from injury.

Seattle Seahawks +325

Russell Wilson has always been a top-tier quarterback for the Seahawks, and we expect that to follow through into the 2021 season. The Seahawks could be a great value bet to place on the NFC West, with some reasonable plus-money odds. Russell is joined again by speedster D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, as well as Chris Carson. We think if Wilson can keep up the pass-game and has a strong season, the Seahawks could do some damage in the playoffs if they make it that far.

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